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Friday, April 29, 2016

Everyone wants a summer body and going on a smmer detox - but dont let that affect you or stop you from reaching YOUR goasls

As always, as it begins to get warmer and closer to summer in the European countries anyway there begins to be a hysteria of reaching that summer body and looking good in a bikini. It is so easy to get caught up in that hysteria and obsession which others are feeling, to get caught up in the thought that your body isnt good enough as it already is. Thinking that everyone else is out running and doing lots of cardio and drinking green smothies, and you begin to wonder if you should do the same.  Not to mention all the magazines with the "10 day detox to lose 30lbs" or "how to lose weight fast for summer" or "how to get a flat stomach, thigh gap and summer body in just 2 weeks with this diet" titles as well as the numerous pictures of photoshopped models in bikinis. so inspirational it hurts.
(sarcasm, if anyone didnt get that get ;))

Each year it is the same thing and each year vulnerable girls (and guys!) end up getting caught up in the trend and obsession and it is easy that it can go too far. That the 2 week diet becomes a 4 week diet which leads to a 4 month diet and due to other factors maybe an eating disorder develops, or you end up with body image disorder or just an unhealthy relationship to food and your body and/or exercise. It saddens me to see how many people are feeling self conscious over their bodies, who are struggling with low self esteem and then everywhere on social media and magazines on tv adds there are people talking about diets and weightloss and always reminding them that they arent good enough, that their body needs to change, and that unless they lose weight their body isnt good enough to be seen in a bikini. But it is so wrong, and such a wrong message. Your summer body, is the body you have in summer. Your bikini body is your body in a bikini. Your winter body is the body you have in winter. You do not need to change your body just due to seasons changing, what you need to change is your thoughts and work on your self esteem and self confidence. Learn to love yourself and not let others affect you.

There will always be people out there who get caught up in fad diets or who think that eating very little is ok just to lose some quick weight, or people who start dieting 3 weeks before summer just to try to get into shape. You can't escape that, but you can try to limit your time to those types of people and to not let what they are doing affect you. But instead focus on what is best for YOU, YOUR LIFE, YOUR HEALTH. Who cares what anyone else is doing, you can't control them. Trust me, the amount of people i have tried to help and remind them that a 10 day cleanse wont do much apart from maybe help your skin if you have just been eating a bunch of junk food, or tried to remind people that cutting their calories severly just to lose weight for a bikini body wont result in anything good... but yet, nobody really listens. So then all i can do is just focus on myself and do what is best for me.

Who cares if others are dieting and trying to lose weight, ask yourself is that what you need to do as well just because? Is that going to help your health or your life or help you reach your goal? If the answer to any of those is no, then why do it. Just because 5 other people jump doesnt mean you have to as well (just an example). You need to know what is best for you and then do that.

I know its easier said than done, but it is about being strong within yourself and always trying to do what is best for yourself and not lettting other peoples goals or what other people are doing affect you.

You can not live a life where you just follow others and do what others do. Just because one person goes one way doesnt mean you have to as well, you can go your own way, a seperate way.

If you find yourself getting dragged into the summer diets and summer weightloss or surrounded by many people who are focused on that, instead remind yourself of what is best for you. What will help you in the long term, and each day focus on self love. Not just on changing your body but on self love from the inside and changing your thoughts.

Weightloss and dieting isnt that great. So DONT feel jealous of others who are dieting or trying to lose weight, instead embrace the fact that you can eat plenty of food and just regain strength and energy.It is a process like all things, but hopefully one day you wont be affected by what others are doing or the hysteria around summer and a summer body and instead you know that your body is awesome no matter the season or weather!!

Love your body no matter what, no matter weight or size. Easier said than done, but it is not impossible!

(And yes my feet are white... i have a problem with feet so i always wear socks even in summer... so then the problem of having white feet and tanned legs when i actually have to take my socks off.... XD Yes, feel free to laugh!!!)


  1. hope you had a good day today, Izzy :-)
    thank you, as always, for the posts

  2. Wanting a "summer body" and overhearing other people talk about how nice they were going to look in a bikini was one of the main things that triggered the beginning of my ED. Definitely a problem :( and all the stupid magazines promoting it and encouraging it. Hope you had a lovely day, Izzy :) and happy birthday to your sister :)

  3. You have so friendly smile and nice body. I love it.

  4. Nice body! I always want to have confidence wearing bikini or summer bra like this!!