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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Does it matter where you get your calories from in eating disorder recovery?

Does it matter where you get your calories from in recover from a restrictive eating disorder eating disorder?

The answer is both yes and no. Because the most important thing is to get enough energy/total Kcal each day, but it is also extremely important to get all your nutrients and vitamins, because if you havent been eating properly or you have compensated by purging, then your body hasnt gotten all the vitamins and nutrients it needs, but also the fact that your digestive system might have been affected and making it harder for your body to absorb all the nutrients. The reason we need to eat essentielly is to get our daily vitamins and minerals as well as the glucose, essential amino acids and essential fats each day. And generally speaking, if you eat right and eat a diet filled with fruit, vegetables, fibers and "good carbs" as well as healthy fats and protein then most people reach their required amount of all the vitamins and minerals. Unless a person eats in a very specific way and doesnt eat all food groups, or the body doesnt absorb all the vitamins or nutrients or other factors.

In recovery however it is also about facing fears and fear foods, so just because an apple has technically more nutrients in it than chocolate doesnt mean that chocolate isnt good... because chocolate has its functions as well. And in recovery sometimes you just cant eat all the energy you need through the "normal food" and you actually need buns, cake, ice cream or chocolate to help you reach your energy amount and there is nothing wrong with that. Even people who dont have a very high calorie need each day can eat those foods and not gain weight or lose health. It is also about the balance.

Personally i eat some chocoalte almost everyday, sometimes more and sometimes less... or sometimes it goes 2 weeks and i dont eat any chocolate, it is very different. But it fits into my diet and my lifestyle, i get all the nutrients and vitamins i need (as well as having to take supplements as my body doesnt absorb vitamins and nutrients to its full potential) through food and then things like chocolate are eaten because they are delicious and they fill the function of being something delicious and good for my soul! If you have a balance of one day eating a sandwich for a snack and another day maybe eating a cinnamon bun and then next two days eating fruit salad with yoghurt and nuts for a snack and the day after that maybe an ice cream for a snack etc etc

A calorie is still a calorie, in a sense.... I mean 100 kcal from a banana or 100kcal from a special K bar, they both have the same energy amount... but the banana would definitely have more nutrients and vitamins. But it is also important to allow yourself to have things which arent "the most healthy" and to eat balanced. Maybe not 12 cookies, but 2 cookies as part of a morning snack combined with an apple!!

A long answer, but i could write so much more about it, but it would take too much time and i am sure no one is that interested so i will skip it. But the answer is that both yes and no, it does matter in a sense.... but it only becomes a problem if you are eating very specifically. I.e if you begin to eat just protein and salad and skip all fats and carbs even if you were to reach your calorie goal it could cause problems, just like if you were to begin to reach your goal goal with just chips and chocolate then that would cause problems. So itsnot just calories but also vitamins and minerals, but with a balanced diet then you can eat both vegetables and dessert in the same day :) It is not either or!


  1. Very good answer, balance sure is the key! :)

    1. Definitely :) find what works for them and their balance!

  2. Do you think at some point you could write a post about which foods have good probiotic qualities? I know you can take supplements for increasing probiotic health but surely eating the right foods is more beneficial?
    The only one I know of is live yogurt.

    1. I'll try write a post about that today or tomorrow :)