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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Answers part 2 - social media, my boyfriend/long distance relationship, sleep

Second part and thought i would just group most of the questions together and then a post regarding hunger & eating when not hungry and overeating will be up tomorrow :)

I have always wondered this, not especially concerning you but many who uses social media :D Do you get notifications from instagram when you get likes and comments or have you turned it off? haha you have so many followers so maybe the phone dies xD
 I havent turned off my notifications because i want to be able to reply to comments if i can and if i dont see the notifications then i wont always know that i have gotten comments on older pictures as the notifications only show you the last 100 notifications i think. I dont have sound on for notifications though so its not a problem for me, though i have turned off my notifications for my email as that was stressing me out for a while as i didnt have time to reply to the emails but now the notifications is back on anyway! I think this problem is worse for those who have 100 k + followers, for example i saw on Jenselter's IG when she had posted a video where she had filmed her phone when the notifcations are on and considering she has around 9 million followers (or something like that, ) the notifications were crazy.

Actually went into her profile and here is the link to that video:

Are you still with your boyfriend? If so, how is the long distance thing going? Do you see the relationship as long term?

I am still together with him :) But we dont see each other so often as he works from 7am-6pm most days and even duriing some weekends and I am not in Stockholm so often. So soemtimes when im in Stockholm i'll spend the evening at his place. The long distance thing.... i think its going ok, though i think its harder for him than it is for me....  I am not so great at communication or expressing myself but also i dont get attaced to things or people so easily.
  Do i see it as long term? Well i will do what is best for me and my future.... and i dont really know, such as i have loads of thoughts about what will happen if i move to Gothenburg, i mean sure... we could still do a long distance thing but then i wonder would that really work because the chances of meeting and seeing each other would be even less. But i am going to take one thing at a time, i am still young and have my whole future ahead of me.

Recently, I've been having trouble sleeping :/ Some nights I just can't fall asleep, and any little noise wakes me up. I've tried Vitamin D drops, melatonin, turning off electronics early, and reading before going to bed. Nothing seems to help. Do you have any ideas? And some nights when I can't sleep, the anxiety about feeling tired the next day and worrying about all the things I won't be able to do just keeps me awake longer :/ I'm not sure what else to do!! Thanks :)

I'm pretty much in the same situation so i can't say that i have so much advice to offer. But i do know that that stress of being tired the next day will just make it harder to sleep... instead of stressing over it, think... "Ok, fine i will be tired tomorrow, but that means i will most likely fall asleep earlier the next day." (Note... on days where you are really tired from the lack of sleep the previous night, dont take naps between 5-7pm, instead keep yourself awake otherwise you might not be able to sleep later in the night.) I've been told that just lying in bed when un able to sleep isnt always so helpful and instead get up and do something else... of course that can wake you up more, but you can try.

Otherwise some people say that exercising in the evenings can tire you out, if its something like that - though i personally feel more awake after working out so that does the opposite. Otherwise maybe try some meditation or yoga. Or reading a book can be helpful.

It can also be good to look at what you eat or drink before bed, if that is causing you to feel more awake?

And if you find that it is stress, anxiety and thoughts keeping you awake then write before bed.... try to get all those thoughts out of your head. Also taking a warm shower can help before bed as you feel more relaxed.

Sometimes you just need to wait it out though, unless you want to go to a doctor and get medication. But sometimes you just need to go a little while with little sleep and eventually you'll get back to a normal sleep routine, but you shouldnt go too long with only a few hours sleep as that can be detrimental to your health as well as being unable to focus during the day and feeling tired, and there is an increased risk for injury or accidents when you are tired.

How do you plan your food on a schoolday?

It varies each day and how long i am in school for and when i workout..... hahah. But generally... breakfast usually after the gym, then a big lunch, a smaller afternoon snack, a big dinner and then 2 smaller snacks. Such as dinner at 5pm, snack 1 at 7pm and snack 2 at 9 or 10pm.

But somedays my food looks like, breakfast, lunch, dinner, second dinner......  And other days it looks like, breakfast, snack, snack, snack, snack, snack......

But my goal is to try to eat 5 times a day anyway but at the moment i am eating more in the evenings than in the mornings, my breakfast loving phase is over. But as long asi get the energy amount i need and dont feel tired or unfocused in school it's fine. Soon i am sure i will reverse and eat more in the mornings and less in the evenings.

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