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Friday, April 15, 2016

2 answers: Drinking water to replace food & foods with probiotics

Hi izzy would you mind helping me. Ive been told im drinking too much liquid and i need to reduce it. I drink to fill up & for thirst. I had been having 8000ml but now down to 4500ml but i am unsure how much to go down to cos im finding it v hard and also worried bout getting hungry.

We all know that water is good, but just like with anything... too much is never good. And drinking 8 l of water per day is FAR too much. Apparently drinking 7l water in short time can be lethal (for a man weighing around 70-80kg)... and i am guessing that you arent a man weighing that much? Of course i am sure you drink the water spread out through out the day, but your body doesnt need that much water. For an average person roughly 2l per day is the recommended about but then some people naturally drink more water or because of exercise or medication or such they need more water. So i drink about 3-4l a day but that is because i am used to it, as well as needing roughly 800ml in the morning to swallow my pills and 800ml in the evening to take all my pills, and then there is exercise which means you need more water as well as i drink coffee and caffeinated drinks which mean you should drink more water.

Water is important to drink, but eating is SUPER important as well. Water or drinks DONT replace food. You are trying to silence the hunger with water and when you cut down on the water, you will feel hungry and that means you need to eat. Your body needs energy everyday and it is not enough to try to tame the hunger with water.... hunger is there for a reason, your body telling you that you need food and you need to learn that hugner isnt a bad thing and neither is eating. I mean you cant put water in a car and expect it to run on "empty"... because that is what you are doing to yourself... drinking so much water and running on empty.

While i was in hospital i wasnt allowed more than 1,5l of water per day but preferably less as it would take up too much space in my body and i wouldnt be able to finish my meals. So in recovery, eating food came first and then my water intake. I would limit your water intake to roughly 2,5l per day... because you dont actually need more unless there are reasons like the ones mentioned earlier, mostly drinking so much water is just a habit and the body begins to "feel more thirsty".

Also remember that if you drink alot of water and dont eating enough food and get enough salt and minerals into you it can cause an electrolyte imbalance as the water sort of "dilutes" and natrium is SUPER important in the body, it is necesssary for many functions.

I would suggest talking to someone and maybe getting a meal plan to follow so you know what to eat and when but also someone who can help you and give you the proper advice and support needed. But also you need to want to make a change for yourself, hunger is not bad and eating food isnt something negative or shameful, it is necessary! The first step is to try and make a change and then realise that the anxiety you may feel, it wont harm you. Instead you need to distract yourself and know that the anxiety will pass and you can get through it.

If anyone else has any advice on this topic comment below :)

Do you think at some point you could write a post about which foods have good probiotic qualities? I know you can take supplements for increasing probiotic health but surely eating the right foods is more beneficial?
The only one I know of is live yogurt.

Probiotics are great and help keep the bacteria in your intestines healthy (i.e more good bacteria than bad ones!), and new studies have shown that that bacteria actually plays a HUGE roll in behaviour and mood. If you ever take anti biotics or have a period of lots of stress then i suggest everyone to buy probiotic pills and take them for a while, though the unfortunate thing is that just a 2 week course of anti biotics can take up to 1-2 years to regain all those good bacteria, which is one of the reasons i am very anti antibiotics and prefer to take other options. The capsule form/probiotic pills are supposedly very good, i take them everyday anyway but i also eat yoghurt with probiotics.. but i think it can be very hard to get enough probiotics through just food as there is a very limited amount which actually has them. But some of the foods which have probiotics are:
sourkraut, fermented foods and sourdough bread apparently, as well as yoghurt. The thing that causes probiotics is fermentation, though i know that too many fermented foods can lead to thrush which is usually unwanted... so thats a reason why i prefer tablet form as well as my body doesnt tolerate fermented food so well.

Hope that helps :)

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  1. Thanks for posting this. It looks as though a supplement is the best way after all, the foods containing them, with the exception of yogurt are rather strange and I can`t see them being part of my diet. Interesting about the antibiotics though, I never realised they did so much long lasting harm to the gut.