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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Tuesday morning and lunch

Good morning :)

One of the best feelings is when you know that you dont start school until the afternoon and you can have a stress and pressure free morning. Where you know that you have so much time to get things done!

So my morning started with a walk while listening to a podcast and then home to make some breakfast, fix some house things and then get a few online things done before starting to make myself lunch. And todays lunch consisted of 2 quorn burgers, vegetables, sweet potatoe, peanuts and ketchup! I've had so many cravings for sweet potatoe but it is super expensive so i havent bought any, but then yesterday i thought, who cares the price i really want sweet potatoe. And then when i went to the store to buy some i saw that the kilo price was down by 50% which was perfect!! I might go back today and buy a few kilo, hahaha. I can then bake the sweet potatoe and keep them in the freezer and it should last a while!! XD I am the type of person who stocks up when its a good price, such as when quorn is being sold for a cheaper price then ill stock up on the type of quorn being sold on sale! So far it works well :)

It feels good to start later today and have a relaxing morning! Though i didnt get as much work done yesterday as planned so ill stay a little extra longer in school today to work through all of that so that this evening i can just relax at home!

Making today a good day so that i can start the new month off right :):)

1 comment:

  1. Hope you had a good day Izzy, a relaxing start is always good.
    How do you cook your sweet potato? I have only ever baked them in their jackets, but it looks like you slice yours and then how do you cook them? They look nice!
    You`ve got a lot of snow on the ground at the moment, its forecast here too for the end of the week but I hope we don`t get any - someone elses snow always looks lovely though, just not our own!