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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Trying a matcha latte and a vegetarian lunch buffee to celebrate my test is done

Why hello there!
Its a new day, Wednesday and leaving yesterday behind me. Focusing on the new day and so far most of the day has already passed. I only got about 3 hours sleep last night as i tossed and turned and felt anxious and nervous and despite being in bed with the lights off at 11pm i didnt fall asleep until sometime after 1am, and then i was wide awake by 4.20am and unable to sleep, so it was just to start my day then.

This morning i had my test and how it went... i have no idea. Hoping i have passed anyway, though once again just like last time i was irritated over the fact that i stuided far too much detail of things which werent even on the test. I have always studied in detail and thought the small details were the most important, but i guess i need to realise that the things on the test are more related to what i need to know as a dietician..... so i mean if questions such as what substances are in an emulsion or what enzymes are needed for the transport of glucose or fructose over the intestine cell wall were asked, i would have been able to answer with 100% accuracy. But instead questions such as what percent of sunflower oil, coconutoil and cornoil are saturated fat, unsaturated fat and polyunsaturated fats..... I guess those things are important to know when you are a dietician not so much how kolesterol passes through the cellwall or is transported in the body with LDL or HDL. Ohh welll.... i hope it went well anyway.

After my test i headed into the town and decided to sit at a cafe and do some writing and article reading while waiting for my mum to arrive. While at the cafe i ordered my first ever matcha latte (basically matha tea with foamed milk) and a ginger and lemon shot. Ive seen matcha lattes before and always wanted to try so i thought it was a good time to try and it did taste good... not sweet, and hard to explain the taste, but it was nice. However i am not such a fan of very milky drinks so it was a little too much foam and milk, and too much milk and lactose leaves a sort of horrible taste in my mouth. But i had the ginger and lemon shot to take that taste away anyway! After sitting there for about an hour i headed to a fitness store to buy casein and EAA. I usually drink BCAA but now after studying protein realise that drinking EAA (i.e only the essential amino acids is actually more beneficial. ) Not that it will make a huge difference, and apparently most EAA have an awful taste, but i am going to give this one a try. And then casein, as its a great snack and a way to save money as its better to buy 1kg casein and top that with nuts, raisins, granola and milk rather than buy 2-3 packets of yoghurt each week.... though big packets of oatmeal are also a way to save money and a great snack. But now i can have oatmeal with casein again!!

Anyway,  I met my mum and we went to lunch at my favourite restaurant where I live. A vegetarian buffĂ© where the food is amazing! After that we took a stroll through the town and then drove out to a forest and took a long walk with the dog followed by food shopping for me and then my mum offered to buy me dinner (vegetarian gyozas ) which we ate at my apartment before she headed home again!
It has been a lovely day but I must admit, running on 3 hours sleep I am exhausted now and not looking forward to my 8-14 obligatory lectures tomorrow and then all the packing and moving on Friday.  most of all I just want to sleep now which is what I plan to do soon!

So for now it's time to log off and just rest physically and mentally! !!


  1. i love the pictures of you in the park! :-)

  2. Glad you had a good day - this time of year is lovely for a walk in the park and it looked like Daisy enjoyed it!
    Good luck for your test results, I`m sure you`ll be fine. I wish the dietician I had knew too much - she couldn't answer any of my (basic) questions so don`t berate yourself about that. I no longer see her, it was just pointless and a waste of time as she didn't actually do anything for me to help except weigh me, and I can do that myself.
    So its moving day on Friday? are you moving far?

  3. Hey izzy,
    I really like your blog and read it everyday, i was just wondering if you are still together with your boyfriend?:)

  4. Do you have any plans for the summer?