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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Thursday - life currently

Good morning everyone :)

Curently feeling very tired this morning and it feels like not even coffee will get me going, i guess that is the struggle after 4,5 hours sleep. I only have myself to blame i guess, but at the moment it feels like 24 hours just isnt enough time each day. I have quite alot to do right now but during the weekend i am going to sit down and just plan the next few weeks of my life so that i dont feel so overwhelmed with things!

Onto other things, as i mentioned before there has been a water leakage in the apartment i live in and it turns out that 95% of the floor on the apartment is covered in water/has a little too much water for it to be safe, and as i mentioned before we had been told that we needed to move. And luckily we have been offered an evacuation apartment which we can move in on the 1st of April, and it is still in the same location which is the best. I know i would settle eventually, but i guess i dont exactly feel like abroptly moving to some new location and trying to find my way again as well as timing with buses and such. So thats a positive anyway, though the week before we will have to pack everything as all the furniture has to be moved and all the items in the apartment packed and ready to be moved.... though of course, i have a large and important test on the 30th, just 2 days before everything has to be moved... so i guess i'll have to figure things out with that. But its a positive anyway that we have gotten somewhere else to live because otherwise my options would be to move back home or find somewhere to live temporarily for 1-2 months and then maybe get 1 month or a few weeks back in the apartment before my contract is up. And neither of those situations is optimal.

We wont actually get to see the apartment until we move in, as it is an evacuation apartment and well... either we take it or we leave it, but its supposed to be the same size, just that the rooms are a little different sized i think, but that will be figured out!

But moving on... what i actually wanted to write about, was that today my sister is coming to visit me! She is taking the train so she will meet me when i have finished school and then we will get some lunch and wander around the town and see what else we get up to!! I'm looking forward to it, and a break from the work to do and nice to spend time with someone!!! :)

But for now, the time has passed far too quickly and i need to leave soon so going to end the post here and hopefully i will have time to post again today!

I hope you all have a great day, and make the best of this Thursday!!!

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