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Friday, March 25, 2016

The past 24 hours

Hello :)

I dont really have a reason for my lack of update.... there wasnt much to write about and no inspiration to write any non personal posts, and as nothing much is happening in my life, there just wasnt much to write about.

Early mornings = very productive days. I woke before 6am yesterday so before 8am i had already cleaned my room, done 2 batches of laundry, hoovered, cleaned the kitchen and done some studying, and then by 8.30am i was at the gym, worked out and then headed to the library to study and after a few hours it was home time, an evening walk and then watch the last of the available episodes of the series "The 100".....Ashamed to admit that i have watched 3 seasons in less than a week. Though that is due to not being able to sleep and not the other way around i.e keeping myself awake to watch the show.

Then today was pretty much the same thing, early morning, workout that turned into a circuit and involved running, then studying at the library and then heading home to pack and then took the train to Stockholm. I think most people travelled away yesterday or earlier in the week as the town was so empty almost ghost like and the library which i went to - which is almost always full, there were almost no students. And also the train to Stockholm was almost empty, which was nice.... that was my plan as i figured that there would be many people travelling yesterday.

The train is actually a good place to study and write an essay, when there is barely anyone on the train anyway! Because then i know i have an hour to sit there and due to my limited 3G mobile data, then i can use that hour to write on my essay (i.e on word - offline) or look at my notes! And then when i got home to Stockholm i had to sit and wait for my parents to buy food and the ingredients for the Easter cake i am going to make. So then it was just to sit with my books again and snack on strawberries!

I actually feel quite confident for my test on Wednesday... i might not get 100% on the test, but i feel like i will pass anyway... though i dont want to jinx it by writing this... but i feel like even if i do fail (Hopefully not), then it wont be so hard to remember it all... because we are basically learning the fundamentals and basics... so it would be kind of embarrassing to fail considering that i already know so much about protein, carbohydrates, fat and vitamins... though all the small details like how they are absorbed, digested, the enzymes, transportproteins etc is a little more strenuous to learn, but i feel like i have it covered, mostly. So that is a HUGE stress reliever and i feel like i can relax now for these 2 days during Easter! It was kind of nice to just shut down on social media and just focus 100% on my work and not on other things.

Anyway, now it is time to bake the Easter cake we are going to have tomorrow :)

Would any of you like me to write any advice for Easter... otherwise you can look back on my old advice posts regarding Easter :)

But the most important thing... enjoy yourself, dont let food be the centre of the day. Food is nourishment and energy, and so is chocolate... if it makes you feel better, chocolate does have vitamins and calcium and such ;) So it has its health benefits!! Be kind to yourself and dont let your eating disorder ruin your weekend, i know its tough whether you suffer from restrictive eating or binge eating... i have celebrated Easter with both types of disordered eating/mind set and it is awful, but you can get through it!!

I got a lindt bunny from my mum :)


  1. I'm so excited for Easter this year :) last year, I was on an exchange trip and we were in Africa during Easter! So all the chocolate would have melted haha. But this year I will not let my ED thoughts control me ;) thanks for your constant support and advice! You are the best <3

    1. That is awesome! Enjoy your easter and the chocolate! You should be so proud over how far you have come!

  2. the early starts and productivity sound nice...
    what do you do when you find it hard to get up in the mornings?

    1. Ive struggled with many of those mornings as well... hahah. First i make sure to have like 5 alarms in the morning and also when i wake up i put on the light so that sort of "shocks" me, though that doesnt always work as i can just close my eyes and not notice that the light is on. But usually in that super tired "i dont want to get up" phase i try to think... what do i have planned for the day and what will happen if i go back to sleep, what will i miss out on? At times i decide that whatever i had planned wasnt worth it and i go back to sleep, but most often i realise that i do need to go up and that i cant sleep anymore. But putting your alarm somewhere where you need to get up to turn it off and putting the light on as well as drinking water when you get up can make it easier to feel more awake.

  3. Good luck for your test on Wednesday!
    If you make an Easter cake I look forward to seeing the pictures - I think your cake creations are wonderful