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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Sunday - Rest, meeting friends and protein waffles

Hello :)

It is Sunday evening and i am currently lying in bed and have 101 different cravings, and one of them is for a bowl of mixed chocolates and also some type of sweet and salty popcorn! Ive been telling myself that i dont need those foods because i dont have the motivation to walk to the store, but my cravings are getting the better of me and i think i might just go walk to the store to buy some chocolate!! Hhahaha. I am not good at resisting my cravings ;)

How have i spent my day so far? So far today i had an awesome workout in the morning, there arent so many people working out in the morning so its usually empty/not so many people, so that means that i can use all the space i need which i enjoy as i have begun doing supersets and trisets which require alot of space!! And after that i met up with two girls who i have talked to and had contact with online, and met during the fitness festival while i was working. They are sisters and one of them studies at the same school as me so we've said that we should meet up for a while but never actually gotten around to it, most probably due to the fact that i am so bad at answering messages. XD  But finally we met up and we took a long walk around the town and did alot of talking, and it was really really nice. I always worry when meeting new people if there is going to be awkward silence where both people are just sort of silent and dont know what to say, but there was none of that! But also i worry that if people know me online, i hope that i amnt so different in person as i am through social media. I try to portray myself as i am through my social media but of course, there is still a sort of image/persona online compared to in reality but from those that i have met from social media in real life, they all say that my image online is pretty accurate to how i am in real life. So thats a positive anyway :) As i have met people who i have followed on social media and they are very different in real life, and not in a good way....

Anyway, since i got back i have just watched a few youube videos and now i am going to go to the store and buy a few things and then just spend the rest of the evening under my blanket! No studying today... I'll focus 120% on studying next week :) Balance is needed and sometimes a weekend of extra rest/less studying is very beneficial :)

Breakfast this morning: Protein waffles, protein pudding, stevia chocolate wafer and strawberries


  1. Tack igen för en mysig promenad :) Det var riktigt kul att träffas och vi tycker båda att du är väldigt bra på att vara dig själv i både sociala medier och i verkligheten. Håller med om att det är nervöst första gången man träffas men vi tyckte det kändes som vi kände varandra sen innan eftersom vi har haft kontakt på instagram rätt länge :)
    Har också väldigt svårt att inte ta det man är sugen på - men varför inte låta suget styra ;)
    Hoppas du har haft en fortsatt mysig kväll! <3

  2. Your breakfast looks delicious and I hope you got yourself some chocolate. Have a lovely new week Izzy.

  3. Whats protein pudding? is it a kind of yogurt? I notice you have it quite a lot with many things and wondered what it was exactly?
    Hope you had a great evening, and gave into that chocolate craving!