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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Stop apologizing for who you are

"stop apologizing for who you are, for your laugh, for “looking crazy,” for the way you eat or sleep. stop being sorry for being yourself.
— alex elle

Because of my low self esteem i have always felt like saying sorry. Saying sorry to everyone who knows me, to everyone who has spent time with me. I havent wanted to take space, i have wanted to apologize for being me. Always thinking that i am the problem, that i need to apologize and need to change.

But the thing i have had to realise during my years growing up, is that i am not a problem. I am not a burden and i dont need to apologize for being me. I dont need to apologize for my personality, i dont need to apologize or feel ashamed about my interests and hobbies. I dont need to stay silent about my thoughts, choices or opinions. I dont need to shrink myself just to be "good enough" for others and for others to accept me. I need to learn that people should accept me for who i am. I think everyone has things they can improve on, for example i can be sarcastic and at times seem uninterested, and those are things i can work on with my personality. But there are certain things in my personality and my behaviour that is just who I am. I dont need to apologize for who i am and i dont need to change unless it is something that is negative... what i do need to change though is thinking that I am not good enough.

I am sure that i amnt alone in the thinking and feeling that you need to shrink yourself, and thinking you arent good enough and waint to apologize for who you are. But we dont need to do that. First of all we need to accept ourselves, love ourselves and realise that we are good enough as we are. We dont need to walk around thinking that we arent good enough and that people dont like us, because that isnt the truth.

Focus on being the best version of yourself and loving yourself and allowing yourself to be who you are and taking the space you need!

Stop apologizing for who you are, what you like and what you like to do!!!


  1. Hello Izzy! I asked a question to you for a while ago about that I'm unsure how to go on in recover from where I am at the moment and find balance. Here, and I wonder if you have answered it somewhere? If not, don't feel stressed about it I just hope I did'nt miss it :)

    1. I think I've missed that comment but I'll go back and check now :)

  2. That is so hard - believing you are good enough for others to accept you for who you are and not feeling the need to apologise for being "you". Do we, as women as a whole ever achieve that? And if not, why not? Why do we always put ourselves down and think of ourselves as second best? Lots of questions and definitely food for thought.

    1. Not all women are like that, but I think in a way some women and girls have been taught to put themselves second.... after the men and after the children. The women are the ones who clean and cook and in the background. Of course that is NOT the case anymore and women shouldn't feel that way either. But I think in a way some female are more of the helping nature and put them selves after others and forget their own self worth and makes it harder to think they are good enough. But everyone is different and it is definitely food for thought!

  3. A couple of small things that helped me to stop apologizing for myself: stop saying it's "just" me when I call someone; stop saying "sorry, but..." when I ask for something; stop negating compliments I'm given. Basically stop using dismissive qualifiers when speaking of or for myself. The way we speak about ourselves has a huge impact on how we feel about ourselves. Try it out!

  4. Thank you for these! I should definitely make some of those changes.