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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Sister bonding time & vegetarian lunch buffet

Hello :)

Today has been such a great day. One of those days where I fall asleep feeling happy but also that sort of content feeling where you have done things but not so much that you feel exhausted.  But also that happy feeling when you spend time with other people and feel enegerized and not drained of energy!

First up this morning I had a seminar/ discussion where we had to read a few chapters, have notes ready and then discuss certain questions.  Luckily it wasn't so hard to prepare for as the questions were rather easy and just having a general knowledge about nutrition meant that it was easy to contribute to the conversation though of course as I had read the chapters it was easier to contribute with more advanced and detailed knowledge which is always a plus!

After that I headed to meet my sister who had taken the train from Stockholm and we went to eat lunch at a vegetarian buffet which I've wanted to go to. (iI don't mind going to cafes and eating lunch on my own, but I don't personally like going to buffets on my own ^-^)

The food there was sooo good. Like really good, and it only cost 80kr (c.a €8) which is not alot for lunch and a buffet as well! It was much enjoyed and we both left feeling extremely full. We then did some wandering around the town before we had to go back to my place and lie down as we both had a food coma/so full from lunch ^-^ ^-^ it happens to us all! The big food belly and needing to lie down as you are so full!

And that's where we spent the next few hours watching different YouTube videos and such as well as dining tea and eating chocolate.... I mean there is always room for chocolate ^-^

Now my sister has headed back home again and this evening I'm going to watch a film and then sleep time before a long day of study tomorrow! 

Today has been a good day and I've felt great. Also the perfect amount of time to spend with someone... I. E not the whole day where I just feel panicked and irritated because I need my personal time. XD


  1. I'm glad to hear that you've had a good day :) X

  2. You're so pretty :o and I really dream of having such a beautiful day like you had today in the future wirh my brother, but as im still in the recovery process i don't fell ready for that. But i will get there! (Tw) Question: im really scared of salt because it can cause water retention... Can you do a post about this? I fear so many foods because of that... Love xo

    1. Thank you :) one day you will be able to have a day like that with your brother. Where you can just enjoy each others company, eat food and have a good time. Keep focusing on recovery and moving forward :)

      I know salt might seem scary and it does cause bloating due to the water retention but as long as you don't go crazy with salt it's ok. Salt adds flavour and that little extra to food. ... I mean bland food doesn't taste that great. So then adding a mix of spice and herbs as well as salt makes the food so much better! The first step is to add salt to food when cooking if necessary because adding salt to food when it's done is just if you want to or you want some more salt flavour. With the fear foods you have, the only thing you csn do is to try them and keep trying them until you realise that it's ok to eat them.

  3. You are so beautiful especially when you smile. I'm happy that you had a nice day, sounds great.

  4. Good to hear you had a lovely day - and the food looked yummy!

    1. It was a lovely day and the food was delicious, even if it might not have looked that way.