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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Saturday - Spontaneous visit from my parents and what i ate today.

Hello :)

An evening update from me after  a pretty awesome day! It started with an awesome morning workout before i headed home to eat lunch and do some house cleaning and studying (the typical Saturday!). But then my mum called and said that they were on their way to visit me. I guess they knew i didnt have much planned, hahah XD It's always nice when they visit and especially when they bring Daisy :)

Though they weren't here just to visit me, they had some things they had to buy so they picked me up and i followed with them when they bought the things they needed. And then my mum offered to buy us pizza/salad for dinner, which is what we did. Though as i dont like melted cheese and am not a pizza fan, i took a chicken salad with some garlic bread which was much enjoyed!! And of course the family time and getting to see Daisy again :) A much better evening than just lying on my bed and watching series!!! Though that is what I am going to do this evening, hahaha. Always need my alone time ^_^

I thought i would write my "food diary" today as well as i pretty much remember everything i have eaten today which doesnt happen so often!!

Breakfast: Chia seed pudding with milk and peanuts

Lunch: Quorn pieces with vegetables and peanuts & strawberries (and lots of ketchup added afterwards!), 4 rice cakes with butter, a stevia chocolate wafer bar & more peanuts.

Snack: More peanuts (yes, i eat 100-200g per day) & 5 rice cakes with butter

Dinner: Chicken salad & pizza salad & half the garlic bread

Night snack: Half the garlic bread, Vanilla protein pudding with strawberries and chia seed pudding and 1-2 rice cakes crumbled in the mix (this combination is soooo good!)

Behind the scenes XD


  1. Strawberries and ketchup? You're brave! :D

    1. hahaha, that combination wasnt so good to be honest XD I had to sort of wipe the ketchup off the strawberries that were mixed in before i ate them. I didnt think about the fact that i had strawberries on the plate before i had poured ketchup on the plaate XD