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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Productive adult-ing day!

Hello :)
This day has passed so incredibly quickly and it has been a very productive day, though now 5.30pm I am feeling exhausted and ready for sleep. ... but going to keep myself awake until a reasonable bed time. If I take a nap now I won't be able to sleep tonight.

Today was my free day with no lectures and I love my free days.  Because either they are a day for me to just rest and have a break or a day for me to be very productive so that life can feel a little easier the other days when my days are "busy".

As it was my free day I could sleep in, which meant sleeping in until 8am, doing some online stuff and then out for a walk . The sun was shining and it was somewhat warm (well, compared to the last few months) however I was feeling so tired physically so I wasn't out for long despite the good weather. But my body was telling me that all it needed was to rest so after a short walk I went to the store, bought some necessities and then walked home! And then it was breakfast time, hoovering and cleaning as well as laundry and bills to pay before eventually sitting down with my studying and getting lots of study done. Repeating and rereading and new notes everyday is what helps me... Because each day I find something new and connect the dots a little bit more. So even if there is lots I don't know, there is lots I do know. And that is actually very calming, to feel like I do know alot and things make sense! So feeling accomplished over my studying today. Inbetween my 5 hours of study I ate some lunch and also this delicious snack : raw food balls, mixed nuts and peanut butter! Sooo good, and well... the perfect combination of carbs, protein and fat while studying protein, carbs and fat :)

This evening I'm going to watch the new PLL episode and just rest and tomorrow it's lecture again.... maybe. I thought they were compulsory but they aren't,  so I'll decide this evening whether I go to them or not. .. but my lectures on Friday aren't necessary or compulsory so heading home tomorrow evening! And looking forward to it, also requested a taco evening with my family... hahha. I realised today that I could have headed home today, but I'm more productive while on my own and it's nice to have the apartment to myself so I don't mind!
Anyway, this was just my little update

... and hopefully soon I'll find more blog post inspiration as well as actually having time for blogging, as there isn't much time for that. Just trying to make my 24 hours work and keep things balanced! !
How has YOUR day been? Have any positive things to share about the day? :)

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  1. What are raw food balls?
    Glad you had a good day with the studying, its nice when you get that feeling that you`ve accomplished a lot.
    Is the photo of scenery near you? We`re getting lovely sunny (but cold) days too at the moment, but its nice to get out in the fresh air even if it is a bit chilly!
    I`m toying with the idea of starting a distance learning course with The Open University, its something I`ve been interested in doing for quite a while but feel that the time is perhaps right now to make it happen. I feel I need something in my life that interests me, something more than what I do in my day to day life now. So I`m researching the course I want to do and generally finding out whats involved. It looks exciting though! Have you heard of the OU? what do you think of distance learning?