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Monday, March 28, 2016

My easter celebrations and ready for the new week

Good morning everyone :)

Monday morning and I guess you could say I officially started my day at 2.30am this morning. ... as that was when I first woke up and did not feel tired at all. But sometime around 4am I fell asleep again and then started my day for real at 8am!

Before I go out for a run I thought I would just quickly show some pictures and talk about my easter celebrations as I haven't done that yet :)
On Saturday we had a late easter lunch/early dinner at my step dad's mothers place . The typical food for Easter is herring, salmon, eggs, different meats, asparagus as well as potatoe and different potatoe dishes.  So that was the type of food we ate as well. ... sticking to tradition, though I guess the food has changed and isn't as traditional as before.. or that's what I've understood anyway. This is only my 5th time celebrating easter in Sweden and it's always just been the same type of food.

Pretty much all we did there was eat... first the lunch/dinner, then cheese & crackers & fruit and after that cake and coffee and chocolate. So I'm pretty sure everyone was at bursting point afterwards. ... and unfortunately I felt so sick the whole time that I couldn't eat as much as wanted, but I got to take home food as I did want to eat it and thought it tasted delicious but my stomach was in knots and that pain lasted all of Sunday as well, but today it feels better anyway.

Yesterday was a very calm day... I got some studying done, took a nap, went for a walk with my sister, did some baking, had a nice time with my sister, ate some easter dinner and then went to bed.... not so exciting but I did want to head home yesterday but was convinced to stay and also due to my tiredness and stomach pain I wasn't so excited about travelling almost 2 hours to get home, so I stayed with my family.

Today however I am ready to travel home!! 2 days of study, then my test, then a long day in school and then on Friday I move apartments. ... and then a weekend and week full of new study and school preparations! But I'm ready for it.... ready for my test to be over wuth and ready to focus on the new as well as trying to settle in to the new apartment.  It will be different,but hopefully it will be fine and it won't feel so strange!!

Anyway... now I've finished my coffee and it's time to head out into the sun for a run before its time to travel home again! I wish you all a great week and keep thinking positive! !! Small positive thoughts everyday :)


  1. Izzy Please could You answer me on previous post?
    Glad youre energized and ready to tackle the LIFE with positivity.
    Lots of Hugs and kisses x

    1. I'm sorry i havent had much time to answer comments recently, but i'll go back and see if i can help/answer your comment :)

  2. Yum! That salad with dill and caviar looks really tasty and fresh. Any chanse you could share the recipe? I would love it.
    Have a great week!

    1. It tasted delicious, however i didnt make it so not sure what the recipe was. :( But i think it was something like eggs, herring, creme fraiche, beet roots, thinly sliced carrots and caviar... something like that, sounds strange but it did taste good!

  3. Your Easter food looked lovely - your step dads parents must have gone to a lot of trouble to prepare all that. It never ceases to amaze me the variety of different foods you have there - here I guess the traditional food at Easter is either turkey or lamb, but I don`t think it is followed so much these days.
    Sorry to hear you were in pain over Easter - I hope you feel better soon. It sounds as though you have a busy couple of weeks ahead of you - do you know where you are moving to yet?
    Hope everything goes well for you and good luck with your test!