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Monday, March 21, 2016

Monday and preparing for the week

You would think that a weekend would leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed and ready for the new week. That is not the case this morning... if anything i feel more tired. Though i dont blame that so much on the weekend, rather the fact that i have found a new series to watch and i#ve been up late watching it.... The problems with watching series. I tell myself, 1 more episode... but then it leaves you at a cliffhanger and so i need to watch the next one and so the cycle continues. It doesnt help that i tell myself that,  I will be fine tomorrow. I will wake up on time and be fine,  and then in the morning you wake up and regret you were up so late, hahha.

Though i did wake up on time today but not feeling 100% motivated... longing for another day off. However i only have one lesson today and that is a repetition one, and then for the rest of the week it will be study on my own for my test. And even if it is alot and i am not super excited about all the studying, i am motivated to get the test over with. Ready to check that off my list and move onto other things as it feels like right now, everything else is on a standstill. This test accounts for 25% of the course grade, but at the same time as studying for this test i need to prepare for 2 seminariums, read 3 articles, write a "scientific report" and also prepare a meal plan that is almost 100% accurate to a certain person (i.e according to their weight, height, lifestyle) according to the swedish food recommendations so making sure that even the micronutrients are according to the recommendations, and then later on i'll have to cook a meal from the meal plan, and then write a report about the meal plan and what i could have done different, why things didnt go together such as maybe if the person i'm writing the meal plan for is a vegan and so doesnt get so much iron or b12 from the meal plan and so what would need to be done to fix that etc etc  It is all interesting, but alot of work..... and in the psat i used to try to do 5 different things at the same time.... but now i realise that i need to just focus on one thing for the majority and not try to focus on something that is in 2 weeks time when i have something in 1 weeks time!

Anyway.... thats my school life, hahaha. I am mentally preparing myself for this week and all the study, and this weekend it is Easter! Though not sure what my plans are or if i am even heading home... i'll see what i do and how i feel!!

Do you celebrate Easter? Do you have any plans for Easter?

I hope you all have a great Monday and a  great week. Lets focus on making this day and week great and thinking positive :):) Not always easy, but always worth it!


  1. Which series are u watching??:)

  2. Apart from the obligatory easter eggs, I don`t really do much because its easter - its a 4 day weekend, which can be a mixed blessing because by sunday you are often scratching for things to do....and it being easter sunday everything will be closed kind of narrows your choices somewhat!
    If the weather is good that will be a bonus, it would be good to get out to somewhere different on one of the days - maybe a nice walk in the countryside to walk off all that chocolate :)
    Hope you have a nice easter Izzy, whatever you decide to do. Are you making another of your easter cakes this year?

    1. What are hour favourite easter Egg/ chocolate kinds? I really hope you csn enjoy some chocolate on easter, and enjoy some free time. Taking a walk or even visiting a museum or going to the cinema can be nice to do! Or finding a good book or trying some new recipes when you have free time!!

      If I am home I will most likely bake a cake!

    2. Anything white chocolate - although Thorntons is probably the best. I don`t really like the little caramel filled eggs but the cadburys crème egg is nice for one of those "sweet moments", but you have to be in the mood for one of those because they are very sweet.
      Found a lovely egg for my partner - a Thorntons white chocolate with lemon meringue infused pieces which seemed too delicious to resist!
      Hope you do make an easter cake as I`m looking forward to seeing the pictures - I love your creations, I think they`re great:)
      Don`t you miss not having easter eggs in Sweden? I presume you remember having them before you moved?

    3. ....As for myself I found some dairy free eggs in the free from section at the shop, so I won`t be missing out!