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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Missing my family and home

Recently, i have been missing my family a bit. Missing spending time with them and missing my dog. Wanting to lie in my sisters bed and watch movies with her. To just laugh and talk with my family.  All the random conversations i have had in the kitchen with my family or the times my sister has made me laugh so hard my stomach hurt. I miss cuddling my dog and seeing her every morning and taking her for long walks. I miss my gym back in Stockholm, and i actually miss the stair master there... one of the only cardio machines i actually dont mind using!

I'm not feeling lonely, and i love my life here and where i live. But at the same time, i guess there might always be a small longing back to the good memories. And well, no matter how independant i am and how much i feel like "i dont need anyone, and dont miss anyone" (which is true 99% of the time.) But that 1% of the time it hits me hard.

However this weekend my boyfriend is coming to visit me, so hopefully that will be good, even if a few hours will be spent studying. Who knows, maybe we'll go for brunch or go out to eat or do something different! And then the weekend after that i am meeting my friends to go for drinks (at the ice bar!! I am super excited, and actually... a few drinks doesnt sound so bad, haha). And also maybe watching the swedish final for who is going to perform for Sweden in the Eurovision... or i think it is the final, or semi final? I havent followed it at all, but i think my friends were talking about that, so that will be good to spend time with them. But also.... i just want to spend time at home with my family!!

During Easter i think i will spend the weekend with my family, but the week before Easter it will just be 5 full days of study, and then enjoy Easter at home with my family (and making an Easter cake, of course!) and then back to 2 final study days before i have one huge test -_- But that is my plan anyway....

So i feel like even if my weekdays will be spent with 99% study, atleast during my weekends i will relax and spend time with family and friends, and my boyfriend!

And positive is also that it is getting brighter and closer to spring which means closer to summer, which i am so excited about!! And also... 5 days until i can start applying for courses/programs in autumn. And i can say.... i am still so uncertain. I am going to apply to many different courses and programs, but once i find out the results and where i get accepted... ill make my decision from there. Because i would like to study in Gothenburg, but that would be one huge change in my life... I mean its not a 1 hour drive from my family or a 2 hour commuter train ride... but a 4 hour express train away, and not a cheap train ride either. So then i wouldnt see my family so often or my dog, it would be at the long holiday breaks like Christmas or summer.... So there is that to think about as well. But i am not going to worry about that for now, instead just focus on the weeks ahead of me and doing the best i can in the course i am taking now!!

Looking through old photos... lots of photos of Daisy, because i miss coming home and she would run to the door and be all excited!!

Last Easter.. and the cake(s) i made!


  1. your pictures are so lovely izzy <3 i have a special bond with my dog too i missed him so much when i was in hospital. hope you are ok izzy <3 much love! xxx

    1. Thank you, and I'm doing fine:) I hope you are doing ok as well and things are improving for you :)

  2. Its only natural to miss your family from time to time, no matter how grown up you are or how independent you are sometimes it is all you need to spend some time at home with family, where you can relax and let some of the burdens of adult life go for a while.
    I hope you have a great time at the weekend when your boyfriend comes to visit!
    Eurovision isn't so big here as it used to be, to be honest our entry each year comes and goes practically unnoticed, but not without embarrassment as it is usually so dire. The whole Eurovision has become something of a joke yet some years ago it was really popular and I remember when I was little being allowed to stay up to watch it:)
    Spring is in the air here too, lighter mornings and evenings and the clocks change this month meaning even lighter evenings. It feels as though its been a long winter and I`m looking forward to the sunshine.
    Love the pictures of your little dog - she is so sweet!