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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Kind gestures - pay it forward

Good morning :)

Yesterday was a day that did not go according to plan at all. Everything changed and it was a mostly unproductive day and just a weird day in general. So now i am ready to make this day the best as it can be!! Though two positives of yesterday was 1) My lunch - still have sweet potatoe left which i love!

And two... i found a waffle maker in the apartment. After a month of living here i havent actually checked the cupboards, but now i found one and i had bought some new pancake protein mix which works great to make waffles with!! So now i can atleast enjoy waffles again :):)

And also, found strawberries for €1 a box which was a bonus!!

Actually something i wanted to mention was.... acts of kindness. In Stockholm i find that many people are caught up in their own bubble, they never stop to talk to anyone else but also dont really notice others around them, and that is both a positive and a negative. But where i live now, people seem friendly... i guess it is because there are so many students and older people who are generally maybe a little nicer.

And in the past week i have had a few lovely gestures of kindness which made me happy and made me think, wow there are so many great people out there!

1) I thought i had missed the bus but then i saw it waiting at the bus station so i ran (thankfully i still have great conditioning and running capabaility!) and the bus was just about to leave even though i was roughly 2 seconds away. But a lady waiting at the bus station saw me running so she indicated to the driver that he should stop and wait for me...... and he did. And if i had missed that bus i would have been late for my seminar and that would have been minus points. So sending lots of good karma to that lady and the bus driver :)

2) When i went shopping yesterday and was going to pay it came up to X kr, and then the guy behind the cashier asked me if i had the bonus card and i said no, but then  he told me that i would get alot of discount if i did have the card. And he then told me that he would give me all the discounts (which made a huge difference!) and that i should sign up for the bonus card so i can keep getting the discounts. It was such a sweet thing for him to do and of course, every little (or big) discount like that makes a difference!!

3) I was going to go out for a walk yesterday but as it had rained, the ice that was on the road was very slippery. I thought i would give it a go but while walking there came an old man in the opposite direction and told me that it was dangerous if i kept trying to walk. He then told me that there was another forest where there had been gravel and sand placed so there was no ice and it would be possible to walk there. So he gave me directions and wished me well, haha. He was so sweet, and in Stockholm when i have been out walking people have never really said things like that. Instead they just walk past you and dont care. I've had to warn people before about the ice or muck that is ahead if they keep walking..... i mean isnt that just a kind thing to do? So that people dont get injured?

Anyway, those are just 3 of a few kind gestures that i have experienced recently. I mean they didnt have to... but they did. And hopefully good karam will come their way :) And of course, i am going to spread kindness as well.... a bit like pay it forward! :)

Have you experienced any kind gestures from people recently? Or do you like to do kind gestures for strangers? :)


  1. I always get big smile on my face for a while, when someone is helping me out just because. But i feel like where i live, some people get weirded out if you want to help them with something, try to talk to or compliment them..

    1. I think in general people can get a little weirded out when someone gets too close or you think they have an ulteria motiv, but that isnt always the case.And just being kind to others is always a good idea!

  2. Ooh i love it when people are so nice and kind :) i was once in a drugstore looking for some makeup together with a friend and then there came an old man telling us that we shouldn't spend our money on that - we're beautiful and don't need any makeup at all :) now i still sometimes feel bad when i wear makeup haha xD but omg this was so sweet

  3. Aw yeah, kind gestures make the world go round! One of few things in life that feels good to both give and receive.
    Getting a smile and a thank you for something, however small, feels awesome. When I was in Atlanta, my friends laughed because I was a complete sap, giving money to anyone who asked for it. Ended up giving away about $40 during my 5 days, and I HATE spending money! Haha.

    Glad you've received such kindness recently, maybe it's karma for all the help you give others? :-)

    1. Exactly! That is so sweet of you :) I am the same, i hate spending money... haha.
      And maybe, good karma!