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Monday, March 7, 2016

I was not put on this planet just to have a flat stomach and try to look beautiful

Something which i began thinking about yesterday was, how many hours, how many days in total of my life have i hated myself? Hated my appearance. Wanted to change my body and my appearance and wished i looked like anybody but myself. I may not be able to count the hours or days spent on self hate, but i can say it has been far too many. And that is so ridiculous... because there is so much more to life than appearance. And thankfully by this stage in my life i have learnt this, i have learnt that i am more than my body and the way i look. But in the past that was not something i thought about.
   If i was bloated, then my whole day was ruined. If i had spots on my face i wouldnt want to show my face. And having my hair be natural and not straighted meant that i wouldnt be meeting other people. My self worth and what i thought about myself came from my body image, but body image changes all the time. In a matter of 5 minutes i can go from loving myself to thinking i need to change everything about my face... and i cant tell you why that change can occur so quickly, just that it does sometimes. But i have atleast learnt to not let those thoughts control me, and instead know that my body image and appearance dont define me.

An important thing to remember is that you were not put (so to say XD), on this planet just to be skinny, have a flat stomach and a thigh gap. That is NOT what life is about. Life is not just about appearance, infact so much more than appearance. It is better to focus on being healthy from the inside and out and being happy rather than focusing on appearance based goals, instead focus on being happy while doing what you love.

Take the focus away from your body and body image, instead focus on other things in your life. Like what you enjoy doing and being healthy enough to be able to do that but also being happy. Health and happiness go hand in hand according to me!! So focusing on those two together.

Know that you are more than your body. But also realise that what good is a flat stomach, 8% body fat and a thigh gap if you dont even have the energy to live life? What good is an underweight and undernourished body if all you want is to be dead? What good is a body with little body fat if you arent even happy and can't live the life you want?

It is also important to mention that skinny doesnt mean unhealthy, it is about mindset and how your body functions and such. But aiming for super skinny or a very low body fat and the body doesnt function properly or you dont have energy or all your thoughts are on food and food obsessing, then it is not a healthy body or healthy mindset.

You are more than your body and there is more to life than calories, body image and looking a certain way. Focus on being healthy, happy, energetic and able to a live a life you love!


  1. Thku izzy i really needed to hear this. Its a very powerful post & the pictures show just how awful it is stuck in an anorexic body and mind. Im really struggling i have put on another 0.5kgs this week, im battling with my body image but im also feeling hungry to the point of pain but how can i increase my diet when my wgt is going up enuf as it is. I dont know what to go i cant go on like this. But i fear so much anxiety and guilt for feeling hungry.

    1. Thank you.
      I would eat more, even if you are gaining weight your body most likely wants/needs more food. I dont know how much you are eating, but sometimes even if you gain weight you are still eating too little. It is just that your body is using all the food you eat to store it, and there is no "extra" for energy as your body is just storing the food instead of using it. So try eating more, you should feel full, that is also the point of eating. You could be going through extreme hunger and the best thing is to allow yourself to eat so your body gets the energy and nutrients it needs. I know its tough, but you wont recover by listening to that voice that tells you to not eat.

  2. If you are hungry then you need to eat. Your body is telling you to eat by making you feel hunger.
    I know its hard but follow what your body is signalling and don`t be scared. Your weight increase is good and healthy, try to focus on that.
    Well done for coming this far and keep fighting!

  3. Izzy, the topic of your post is absolutely great, of course so is your article. You can be so proud of you! Greetings from Germany