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Monday, March 7, 2016

I love productive days - study tips - Peppermint tea

Hello :)

This morning was not such a great morning... i just wasnt in the mood for school. I wasnt in the mood for anything to be honest, i just felt tired and unmotivated for absaloutly everything. But i decided to 1) Not complain and 2) Just get on with it. Because complaining just doesnt help things...   So i got myself together and went to the gym - where things felt better and i felt motivated for the day - and then headed to school where i sat for 2 hours studying before my class began, and then it was 2 hours of information about fat, and tomorrow i have 5 hours of more information about fat/lipids XD

When i got home i made myself an early dinner and watched some Youtube before getting back to studying, and i have now done an hour and have another 1-2 hours to do before I am done for the day. And then if i still have energy i might try to answer some emails, otherwise i will try to get around to that tomorrow during my lunch break :)

But it has been such a productive day today and i love it. If there is one thing that makes me happy is productivity, and also having the motivation to want to study. I am just taking a small break now as i wanted to share some study tips that work for me, but then i am getting back into my studying and that doesnt bother me as i feel that i am in a flow.

So below are some study tips that help me:

1) Reading powerpoints before the class/reading the chapters necesary before the class. Of course if you are in highschool you might not see the powerpoints before the lesson or you might not have powerpoints at all. But for mein university something which i  find really helpful is to look through the powerpoints beforehand and take notes and if necessary read some chapters. But if i have done that, then i can just focus on what the teacher says during the lecture and the extra notes they make rather than sitting and copying down all the text on the powerpoint as i have already done that. And then afterwards i will read the chapters in the book and have a better understanding. As sometimes it is a little too confusing to read the chapters in my books before the lecture because there are too many abbreviations or weird things which i better understand after a lecture.

2) Set goals. Somedays all i can do is read two pages or to just look through the powerpoints. Otherdays i can take notes on two whole powerpoints or work through a whole chapter and note taking. So my goals depend on how urgent the studying is, what needs to be done and my motivation level at the time. But i do recommend you set goals... so then its up to you whether you want to spend 30 minutes, one hour or 5 hours trying to read 10 pages or working through the powerpoint.

3) Find your place to study. For me personally it is some quite place in school where i can sit and work. If i find a corner somewhere then i can sit there for a few hours and get my work done. But at home during the evenings, then it is almost impossible.... if i know i amnt fully motivated and know that once i get home i will just watch series but i need to get work done. Then i will stay in school until the work is done so i can relax completely when i get home. But some study best with others or at home etc so find what works for you!!

4) Know what way you study best!!! It might take some time, but hopefully you will learn how you study best. For me it is note taking with colours, drawing images when necessary and just rewriting notes as well as connecting things together. I do learn by explaining what i have learnt to others and having people ask me questions so i can use my knowledge, but usually it is enough for me to connect the dots of my knowledge and realise how it all fits together! But a tip is to 1) Explain to others what you have learnt and have them ask you questions (then you can easily find out what you know and dont know) and 2) talk with people in your class and quiz each other. You will learn information which you have missed or be able to ask them to explain things which you might not understand!!

5)Make sure to be fueled properly. If there is one thing that hinders my studying that is being hungry!!! Then no information stays in my brain because i just want food.

6) If you easily get distracted by your phone... put it on flightmode, turn it off or put it away. For me personally, when the topic i am studying is boring or doesnt catch my interest then i will check my phone every 5 minutes. But if what i am studying is interesting i can do a full 3 hours without checking my phone. But usually having goals works best when the topic isnt interesting and i get distracted every 5 minutes... then i remind myself of my goal.

7) Know what is most important. Dont spend all your time on something that is due in 2 weeks if you have something else due in 2 days!! Use your time wisely.

8) Get to work at once and be well prepared!! Dont leave things to the last minute. Make time for your studying. I know sometimes you might have to skip social events but sometimes that is necessary. But it cant be forgotten about that you cant spend all your time studying either... your brain needs a break and sometimes some social time is exactly what your brain needs. (And dont forget that sometimes you just need a few days off from studying!!)

9) Do a little everyday. Even if its just checking over one thing that you find confusing, it makes a difference!!!

So there are just a few tips but you can find more study tips HERE

And onto another tip...  Peppermint tea! So i have always known that peppermint tea is supposed to be good for getting rid of bloating, but it has never been something that i have bought as i prefer green tea. But a week ago i saw that there was peppermint tea on sale so i thought, why not. And you know what... it might be placebo or maybe the fact that i havent eaten any foods that cause me to have indigestion or bloating, but i havent bloated this past week. Once again, it might not be the tea... but usually i am very bloated in the evenings but not this week. Or maybe its just that i dont even think or care about whether i am bloated or not so i havent even realised if i have been bloated (most likely the case. I mean once i get home i put on my pyjamas and then i wouldnt even notice if am bloated XD). But anyway, it is delicious and it might just work against bloating! But do remember that recovery bloat is not the same as "Normal people" bloat ;);) But i thought i would leave that little tip!!

(Why do teas always have "helps with weightloss" in their benefits.... i dont think teas help in weightloss? But i guess that is how foods and teas market themselves so people buy the products. I mean i dont even know if peppermint tea has all those benefits... it might be actual peppermint which has the benefits if you eat a high enough dose or something? But how much does one cup of tea really do... If you find it tasty, drink it. If you dont find it tasty.... dont drink it. As simple as that really!!!)

So... there are my tips for today :) And if you have any random tips or advice, leave them below :)


  1. Great post! thank you, Izzy :)

  2. Thanks for the tips!
    A question: Has your nutrition studies changes your own eating habits? Do you pay more attention on macro- and micronutrients? What would you recommend for resources if someone would like to study nutrition on they own?
    Thank you!
    Have a great day!

    1. This is a really good question, so i thought i would answer in a post :) I hope you have a great day!

  3. Apparently a teaspoon of cumin powder (spice) in a glass of warm water is good for nausea and gastritis....haven't tried it myself yet but I`d thought I`d share!
    Thanks for the tip about peppermint tea - brought some today so going to give it a try. Ginger tea is good for settling the stomach too plus its nice to drink, very soothing.

    1. I know my mum has cumin at home, maybe i can try that some time... i know i have taken cumin before for other reasons (though cant remember what reason now, haha).
      If you like peppermint tea, its good to drink... if you dont like it, then i dont think it will make such a difference!