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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Effective and productive study day

If there is one thing that makes me feel good, accomplished and calm is an effective and productive day. If I have been unproductive or haven't gotten the work I planned to do done during the day I usually go to bed with a form of anxiety, feeling like I haven't done enough and haven't stuck to my plan.  Feel like a failure.  But I am learning to accept that I can't be productive everyday. Sometimes I just need to tune out and not stress out over the fact that my day didn't go as planned, instead know that tomorrow is a new day. And that was the case for yesterday and today.  Yesterday I got barely anything done.... I had planned to study but all I got done was go to my lesson in uni and then as I was so hungry I headed home instead but once at home I didn't get much studying done. That's how it is some days I guess.

Then this morning, it was no calm morning like I want and enjoy... instead I woke up at 7.45am with lots of noise in the stair case... then I remembered that they were going to change the Internet today, but I thought it was in the afternoon. So I go up quickly, made myself look more presentable and not like I just jumped out of bed and by 8.10am they were drilling holes and fixing with the Internet. .. lots of noise, shouting and not exactly a dream morning scenario! But I got ready, headed to the gym, worked out and then sat at the library were I worked very efficiently for 4 hours... and after that I felt that I was done with studying for the day. There is only so much the brain can remember,  and when I can't even spell right because I'm hungry and tired, then I know it's time to head home.

I'm feeling content with my work done and now it's time for snacks and food, series watching and then writing on my report this evening when I have replenished my energy levels!!!

I hope you have all had a great day! And make the best of each day :)


  1. Hey Izzy! Before I developed my eating disorder (and even during the time), I was able to concentrate and focus for a long period of time- for example studying. But now, as I am getting physically healthier, I just seemed to have lost my focus, concentration and motivation. I am no longer sick, I don't have any bad habits, I eat whatever I crave etc. But I have lost my mental stamina and I can't pull myself together. Thinking requires so much energy and it's so difficult to think and remember stuff. Have you experienced similar things or have you heard of these symptoms? All my life I have been super organized, productive and focused and doing very well at school but now I am just the opposite. I need to study for my final high school exams but I don't know how I will manage to pass them.

    1. you are not alone, though i am not sure that is much comfort! :-) i am many years recovered, but still v much strike a chord with your post! one gets by.... :-)

  2. I'm just the same! If I don't feel like I've 'done enough' during the day then I can get upset and anxious at bedtime. This morning I woke up really late, threw myself out of bed and started flying around trying to get as much little jobs done as possible.

    I really need to accept that not every day has to be filled with super-productive stuff, and it's totally normal and healthy to just have days where nothing meaningful gets done beyond XBox, Netflix and food.

    Sounds like you've had a very productive day though, and of course that's great! Hope you're enjoying what you're studying just now. :-)

    Dan x