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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Current cravings

A few nights ago I was lying in bed and i was hit with all these cravings!! Not just food cravings (haha), but other types of wishes and wants... so i thought i would write them here, and you can share YOUR cravings... food or non food cravings :)

Tagliatelle pasta with salmon, pesto and mozzarella (no idea why i want mozzarella, i dont even like cheese... XD)

Chocolate cake with whipped cream

Carrot cake with frosting


Pizookie (i've seen these on some Youtube videos...and i really need to make one/buy one)

Veggie burger with sweet potatoe fries

A hotel weekend get away with lots of food, rest and workouts!

Travel to Gothenburg

A new tattoo - a big one!! (But i dont know where or what of... but i just want a new one :( But i know i shouldnt!)

Run along the beach in warm weather!

Lots and lots of watermelon

A huge brunch with lots of different food to choose from

A new dog (though no dog will ever replace Daisy, the new puppy would be an extra to the family!)

A training trip somehwere warm, where i can spend time with people who have the same interests (like working out/running) and just have fun, workout, be in the sun, eat good food, be on holiday!


  1. #1 craving: summer!!! Now!! Hahah, I'm so tired of winter and cold and aarrgh... I just want summer and sun and light days and long nights and shorts and no school and fresh strawberries and watermelon and warn weather and summer!

  2. One food craving, but I can`t be bothered to make it - kedgeree - should do really because its quite simple, but the want is there but the inclination to make it isn't....
    .....summer for me too. light evening and walks along the beach, even a paddle if I`m feeling brave and its warm enough!.....
    .....a kitten. My cat wondered off and never came back (I believe she must have got run over because disappearing for more than a day wasn't in her nature) - but that was a couple of years ago and I`m feeling that I am ready for a new bundle of fluff.....

    1. Ohh, ive had kedgeree before, it is so delicious!! One day maybe buy the ingredients and make time to make some... or alot, so you can have it for a few days!! Its the same for me, i am craving certain foods which i could buy the ingredients for and make.. but just dont have the energy to do that. Hahah, but soon i will :)

      Ohh, i am sorry to hear that about your cat. It is always tough to lose a pet, but who knows maybe you will buy a new cat soon!

  3. Hi Izzy - just a thought, have you ever imagined what your cravings would be like in the future if you ever become pregnant?? Strawberrys and ketchup would take some beating though :)

    1. hahahah. Ii am pretty sure i will have some seriously weird cravings XD THough ketchup and strawberries is not a good combination XD Just my "Not thinking - mix everything together" combination, which didnt turn so good!!!

    2. Actually at times i have had such weird cravings that i have worried that i have been pregnant XD

  4. Last night I was REALLY craving pizza. I haven't had it in a while as its a fear food and was really tempted to ask my dad if we could have it for dinner last night. While he would have been really happy because I don't really let us eat pizza when I'm home, he was also already cooking dinner. But after I'm proud to say I had some chocolate!!! And in a controlled amount!!! Normally I can binge on things like that and justify it as you haven't eaten any fat all day and not a lot of calories but I usually go over board. But the past few days I've eaten some and haven't!!! I also was really craving peanut butter yesterday and summer!!! The weather here keeps tricking us and warming up but then going back to cold. And strawberries also! They were on sale this week and I got some!

  5. You should really follow those cravings :) Lately I´ve been craving oranges and tangerines like crazy and pickles :D But not together.

    Have a nice sunday!

  6. Found some early strawberries in the shop today so just had to buy some, they looked so delicious!