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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Coping with triggers

I was asked if i could write about how i cope with triggers, and the thing is... i dont have any triggers. Or not anything that comes to mind, not even after a few days of thinking about the question.

I think it is that i have learnt to deal with my triggers over the past 3 years so that if something ever does trigger me, i cope, move on and forget about it.

Though 2 years ago (i think it was summer 2014), when my sister began to realise that she needed to cut out gluten and lactose from her diet. And then we had made a big brunch for my step dads birthday and well, my sister didnt eat gluten i.e no pancakes or bread and mostly fruit as she wasnt eating lactose either..... and at the same time, my mum was watching what she was eating (which at the time i found hard to accept. Why was she eating so little... but when she explained that 1) She was over 50 years old and her metabolism had slowed down compared to before and also she wasnt as hungry. Well then i accepted the fact more and didnt feel so triggered.). But i remember back then, i wrote  a post about this.... because i did feel triggered. I didnt feel as tempted to eat the pancakes or the bread when i was pretty much the only one eating them (or my step dad did as well...).

How did i cope? Well i made myself eat both the pancakes and the bread. Two, made myself realise that 1) i dont have a gluten or lactose intolerance, so why should i not eat foods that include them (and i dont eat extreme amounts of those foods either, ), and 2) i was/am an energetic and active girl who needs to eat alot.... so why should i eat less, just because my mum is.
  Basically back to those first stages in recovery when i had to remind myself that everyone is different, and not be influeced by what others are eating and doing. Who cares if someone ate 1 pancake or doesnt eat gluten, i had to eat for my body and my health so maybe that means i eat 5 pancakes just because i can and need the energy for later.

It has now been 2 years since then and i dont think i have had any other triggering event like that, and once i though rationally and focused on myself and my  body and health i didnt feel so bothered by what the rest of my family did.

Though there has been one or two times when people - either my step dad or my boyfriend - have made comments about my food intake either what i eat or how much, and that has triggered me somewhat. But then i have already been in an irritated or low mood, so small comments like that just impact me more. Neither of their comments were intended as insults, and i am sure the comments might not have been so bad, but as i was already in a sensitive state it had more of an impact. But now i cant even remember what comments they made... most likely something that i eat for a family of four, or that i eat all the food or something like that XD

When it comes to food comments it is important to try to let them go. Not let them swirl around in your mind and take up more space than necessary which is 2 seconds!! People make food comments, and either you can take it to heart and realise that they care.... for example if someone comments and tells you that you eat very little and that you should eat more, or they say that you are still restricting/cutting out food. Then realise that maybe those comments are supposed to be helpful and because they care, and not as an insult.

But then comments such as "you are always eating", "you eat so much" etc just try to laugh about those and be happy that you are eating. Think.... who cares what they think, i am feeding my body and giving it nutrients and energy!! It is not easy when you get food or appearance based comments, but you need to learn to cope with them and not let them trigger you or stop you from progressing or feeling happy. Because in the end... they are just mindless comments, and shouldnt have such a big impact, unless they are intended to be helpful.

When it comes to other triggers, i dont have any and would say i am trigger free. For example if i see very thin people, i feel no desire to lose weight and be thin. I dont feel triggered seeing thigh gaps or six packs or people with very low body fat. I dont feel triggered when i see people who have self harmed (though that was actually a bit of a trigger when i have been deep in my depression), i dont feel triggered when i get sent emails and people tell me about their journeys or about their weight. I dont feel triggered by what others are eating, or how much others workout.

Though to reach that stage in my life has been a long journey... and i have been triggered many times by the above things. But each time i had to remind myself about What was best for me. Would it be best for me to skip a meal just because someone else did? Would it be helpful for me to self harm just because others have? Would it be beneficial to my health and myself to lose fat and weight just to have a thigh gap and visible abs? And the answer to all of those was no..... And so i had to do what was best for me and keep that in mind.

And really... that is my best tip for coping with triggers. To focus less on others or what others are doing, eating, or how they look and instead focus on yourself, your life, your health, your happiness. It isnt always easy, it is a long journey and it is easy to get influenced by others and what they are doing. But just keep in mind that you are YOU, everyone is different and in the end you need to focus on what is best for you, and not what everyone else is doing.

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  1. thank you, Izzy. What about things that trigger bad coping mechanisms that are not ED related, or that trigger bad responses (even if only emotional)? Surely everyone has things that trigger them in other ways, even if food is not what they use to cope?

    1. I think the important thing is then to be aware about what might trigger you or cause you to use bad coping mechanisms. And then to try to change your response to those triggers or change your thoughts to those triggers. Because the thing that triggers you wont go away, but it is how you respond that you need to change. So if you know what triggers you, you can work on changing how you respond to those. And it isnt easy, but it takes time.

      I think some people are more easily triggered than others... but it is also how you respond/cope.

    2. :) very wise

  2. I believe that it is possible not to have triggers if you are totally in tune with your body and mind, ie know without doubt what is best for you and are confident enough with that knowledge not to be influenced by others. This takes incredible strength though and I definitely don`t have that, some things trigger me emotionally although I guess in time this will get better as I get healthier.
    Where food is concerned I hate the thought of having eaten more than others, and if they leave food on their plate think that I should too. If I don`t I feel so guilty.

  3. Thank you, this post was really interesting and helpful :)