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Monday, March 7, 2016

Commenting negatively on people's bodies

Something which I have never - and never will - understand is people who randomly comment negative things about people's bodies.  It doesn't matter what shape or size someone is, whether their weight is unhealthy (whatever reason that may be), it is never ok. But also people who judge others based on their size or weight.  Infact one thing that can make me very irritated or even angry is when people close to me or people beside me begin commenting on other people's body or start judging them based on their body. I would never do that, even if someone might not look the healthiest... it is not my place to judge.

Anyway, what happened this morning at the gym was that an old man came up to me while I was working out and told me that I shouldn't be lifting so heavy and that I was looking manly with my muscles.  I was shocked. ... I didn't even respond I just said ok and kept working out. But for the rest of my workout he just sort of sat and stared at me and had a disgusted look on his face each time I went and increased the weights I used. It's not the first time this has happened and I just wonder at their audacity. ... I mean I would never go up to someone and tell them that they are looking a certain way, unless I'm complementing them. But then I prefer to compliment their technique or their hard work, not their body.

I've also found that some older women in the changing room seem to look at me in a disgusted manor.  Who knows maybe I'm just sensitive or reading into it too much, or maybe that is just how they look. Or maybe it's the fact that I wear shorts woke working out. .. or maybe it's my tattoos, who knows. But it kind of feels like they look at me and then start giving me weird looks.... though of course I'm not a mind reader so I don't know what they are thinking. But I sometimes feel like rhe older generation might not really understand that women can also have muscles and tattoos ^-^ it's not just for Men! !

But also I wonder why people think it's ok to sit behind  a screen and write negative things about people's bodies or comment on someone's picture and tell them that they should change or they don't like the way the person looks.... it feels unnecessary.  Some say that if you post a photo then you need to be prepared for negative comments and hate. ... but why. Why should a person expect to get hate comments when they post a picture of themselves? Can't people just accept the fact that everyone looks different, has different shapes, sizes, weight, height and that's ok. And everyone looks different and that means that how a person looks might not be attractive to everyone and that's ok. So people don't need to comment and say that "They" don't like how the person looks..... I mean what should a  strangers opinion matter?
Anyway, this is my little rant over. I'm hoping that everyone who reads my blog never ever writes hate comment to anyone, but also never comments negatively about other people's bodies. Instead use that energy on yourself to live your life, not to hate others!!


  1. Izzy, thank you for writing this. I wish I had a body like yours, but I also am grateful in a way to know that even people with bodies I envy have trouble in the changing rooms and unhelpful comments. I wouldn't have guessed! Though now I feel like I should have guessed. But - thank you.

    1. Like the quote goes... " you could be the pretiest, ripest peach but not everyone will like peaches"... or something along that line, haha. But i guess there will always be someone who doesnt think someone else looks so great, and then they have to comment... which is so strange. But it is best to just shake off those comments and not let them affect you. I mean what does some random strangers opinion really matter?

  2. Are the changing rooms / showers all communal where you go? I only recently tried signing up for a gym, and they are communal here, and it ... well, I'm not comfortable with it?

    1. No the changing rooms are divided. I think that is how it is in all changing rooms in gyms/pools in Sweden. It doesnt sound so nice that it is communal.... i have been to a Spa/swimming pool while i was in France and it was a communal changing room, and i can say... i didnt want to stay there so long.

      Is there another gym you could go to? Otherwise change in a locked bathroom and maybe bring your bag with you and shower when you get home? haha

  3. Some people really don't have a filter when they speak. I was once having a tea date with a friend of mine and we shared two little desserts and a pot of tea. An elderly gentleman (probably 80 or so) turned to us and said 'You know that's very fattening. You shouldn't be eating that.' to my friend and I. She was at a healthy weight and I was nearly recovered from my ED (so nearly healthy). I knew this wasn't a comment on either of our bodies because we are both beautiful but it still hurt. I couldn't even respond to his comment but my friend said 'yeah... thanks for that. we know and we're going to keep eating them if you don't mind us.' But Izzy, I know you already know, but still it's always good to hear- you are gorgeous! Please don't even consider what this guy said for a minute. It really just depends on the people. In fact, while at the changing room at gym today, the girl next to me turned to her friend (who had been swimming and was worried about over building her arms) and she told her she should never ever worry about something like that. she told her friend that she was strong and looked amazing and I couldn't agree more. I light up inside every time I see women lifting weights or doing more 'manly' workouts because it's about time women can do what they want and be supported for it. some people just aren't caught up with this new idea acceptance yet. shame for them.

    1. You are so sweet,thank you!! I have had similar comments about food before, which is the strangest thing. I mean what does a stranger know about how a person eats from seeing them eat one thing XD Ohh well, atleast we can try to laugh about comments like that and just hope that their comments were a one time thing so that they dont make other useless comments that negatively affect others!!

      Though i am glad that alot of the younger generation understand that strength training and being strong isnt just for men!! Not everyone agrees or understands, but many anyway!! :)

  4. I remember when i was about 14 and just reached a normal weight after my eating disorder..and i got a very mean comment from one of my teachers about my legs and there were a few more comments afterwards..those comments made me hate my legs.
    I just cannot understand these people, who have to make a negative comment..what are they thinking?!

    1. Wow, that was rude of your teacher. It is strange how some people dont really have a filter with what they say. I hope you can learn to love your legs and not let someone elses opinion affect you. Think that teacher was in the wrong and why they would comment negatively on your legs is definitely strange, but you are more than your body and more than your legs. Instead be happy over what they can do, rather than how they look!

  5. Well done for not taking any notice of that mans comments, people really should learn to think before they speak. I think the changing room is one of the cruelist places to be at times but try not to let other peoples attitudes affect you. You are young and pretty and taking care of your body - I bet those other women are just jealous:) Carry on doing what you do , and if other people don`t like it then they don`t have to look, do they?
    I remember a few years back myself and my partner were walking on the beach and we passed an elderly couple who loudly commented on the size difference that was between us - those words have never gone away but I really wish people would keep their rude comments to themselves.