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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Back in Stockholm and Testagram package


After what has felt like a very long day i currently sitting in the small bed that is my bedroom back in Stockholm, feeling alot like a guest. Not quite wanting to eat the food in the fridge, not quite feeling comfortable in my room and the house not feeling quite as "home" and "welcoming" as it once did. But that is a good thing, because it also means that i dont miss home... i dont have any home longing, but i have missed my family and my dog. So i am happy to see them... or well, my mum is at home at the moment working and so is my dog... though she's not working! XD My sister is away studying and my step dad is working so i will see them this evening!!

Today i havent really had any time to update, not that i have had the motivation for it anyway. But it started off with me waking up early and not being able to get back to sleep. I had decided yesterday evening that i would use today to study on my own as i had looked through the powerpoints and most of it i could do on my own or i had already studied and who knows, maybe i miss a few things the teacher says... but in the end, the tests can only be based on what is in the books and the guides we have... so even if the teacher goes off on some random and maybe helpful note or some knowledge, unless it is stated in the books it shouldnt be on the test. Or that is what the teachers have said anyway, that is why some of the lectures arent compulsory... that people should be able to pass the tests just by reading the litterature. So anyway.... as i was up so early and realised our internet wasnt working i decided to open my essay and try write something on there and i had a real flow... at 6am in the morning, hahaha. But after a while that flow went away so i headed to the gym, worked out and then went to the library and was there before 8.30am! And there i sat until 12 where I then headed home, checked my bags (though i have most likely forgotten something) then took the bus to the train station and quickly bought myself some chocolate covered nuts as i had forgotten to bring breakfast with me for after the lunch and i had forgotten my wallet at home, so needed a whole load of energy before i would arrive in Stockholm and home where i could then fill up with energy.

Actually one thing i thought about today was how lucky and thankful i am for the fact that i do have money, a house, internet.... because today when i had forgotten my wallet and realised i had no money with me as well as not having any food with me and uncapable of buying food, it felt so strange. And to not be able to check social media in the morning as both my 3G and internet were gone.... Uusually we dont think about things like that, unless we are put in a situation where we need to. For me personally i am aware of these things and am so thankful over what i have in my life and try to not get too attached to things, but am thankful. .But sometimes i think we all just need a little reminder to not take things OR PEOPLE for granted. To be thankful of those in your life as well as the things you have, because i know that i am very lucky and privalged and i definitely dont take that for granted!!!

Which then brings me to.... material happiness? No not really, but i do love packages. So when i arrived home and saw that a box from had arrived it made me super happy and i wanted to open it at once!! Each month they send out a box with a few different items which is always fun and you get to try new and different items! This month it was a stevia chocolate which is delicious, a drink from  Vitaminwell, a protein bar, a jar of peanut butter and some other things!!  Its a fun thing to buy yourself, as then you get a package every month!! hahah. Otherwise if you live in England i can recommend the Graze box (or what it is called.) My step mum used to recieve those and the snacks were delicious!! (And these are unbiased and unsponsored opinions!)

For now... it is cuddle with my dog. Eat something and then study before tacos and a film with my family this evening!!!


  1. Don't you eat anything before/after your workouts?

    1. It depends. .. some days I just eat after my workout. Depends how I feel in the morning.