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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Another long school day

Today I feel like I should give myself a pat on the back just because I didn't head home after lunch. I felt so tired and unmotivated and so hungry! But I decided to stay anyway just incase I missed something important,  even if the lecture wasn't compulsory!

At the moment my work load is extreme. I have so much to study, so much to learn and so much to read. It's crazy how much I have to do and I can feel the stress rising inside of me. The next few weeks will be very intense with lots of studying. My boyfriend is visiting me during the weekend, though it feels like the worst time as I have so much to get done... but I'll have to spare some time to spend with him, hahah. But I'll have to warn him beforehand that I have got lots to study.
Otherwise, some random things from my day....

Why do people spray so much perfume?  At the gym this morning I could barely breathe in the changing room  as someone had sprayed so much perfume. And then when I got to school it was the same thing. ... usually it doesn't bother me so much. But at the moment I'm more sensitive and finding it harder to breathe so when I walk into a perfume cloud I feel like my throat just closes up and I cough and find it hard to breath. There are rules that perfume shouldn't be sprayed in changing rooms or classrooms and such but I guess people don't really think about it.  But today it has been awful. .. :/

Which brings me to another thing. Today while scrolling through my FB feed I saw that Ruby Rose had shared a post about CF and she was selling a bracelet where the funds went to the CF association in Australia.  And it made me so happy to see it, because CF is still sort of unknown to many. So i always think it is awesome when more awareness about the illness is raised. There might not be a cure for CF in my lifetime, but maybe in the future generations. Because there are people who have CF and do die at very young ages due to the illness, and even if someone does take all their medication and does all the stuff involved in CF care, it doesnt always make such a huge difference, and in a way that is scary. That is one of the things i have struggled alot with is that, i can do everything i am supposed to but still struggle to breathe. But i just remind myself that if i dont take my medication or dont do my CF health care stuff, then things would just get worse, but with medication it can atleast help!

So anyway, that was a positive thing!! Im hoping one day to maybe run some races and raise awareness and money for CF foundations in Sweden or for Ireland!!

Anyway, i have just gotten home, 5.30pm. And i am now going to mentally rest all evening as tomorrow will be a long day of studying, so need some mental break for now :)

I hope you have all had a great day :)

Do you have any positives to share about your day? :)


  1. I'm healthy and I have a wonderful life full of opportunities, but I still found today difficult. For so many reasons. But YES, definitely there were gifts too: beautiful blue skies with sun and clear fresh air to breathe; my computer is still working, and my bicycle is too; a letter from my dearest friend; and so many more gifts I could name and am grateful for.

    1. Even if you are healthy, there are still times that life are tough or tougher than usual. But you got through it, and hopefully the next day was better!! And it is so great that you could find the small positives in an otherwise not so great day? :)

  2. I managed to sit down my lecture aswell, even if i wanted to leave early so bad. Also, today i´m feeling rather positive about my dreams and goals.

    1. That is great!! And stay focused on those goals and dreams :) Make your dreams your goals!

  3. -I haven't been well since the weekend but everyday I`m getting stronger, today was the first headache free day
    - Our water supply, which has been under maintainance for the past three days has finally resumed
    - I found some new dairy free yogurts in the shop today that didn't cost the earth
    - its 4 o`clock in the afternoon and its finally stopped raining!
    - a new series of my favourite programme starts on tv tonight

    - and a positive in general - the clocks change at the end of this month which means lighter evenings and summer is on its way :)

    1. Ohh i am so sorry to hear that. I hope this weekend is better for you and you feel better!
      I always wonder why lactose free/dairy free or gluten free products always cost double or triple the amount of the normal products... i mean some people cant help when they have intolerances or allergies. But oh well, a positive is that there are many options of those types of foods now a days. Or in Sweden there are many different options even if one is lactose or gluten intolerant/allergic.

      I didnt know that the clocks change, good information to remember, so thank you for that :) And i hope you have a great weekend.