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Sunday, March 13, 2016

A weekend with my boyfriend and Sunday Brunch

Hello and good evening everyone :)
As mentioned a few days ago, my boyfriend came to visit me this weekend.  So I guess it is understandable why I haven't really updated. I haven't seen him the past two weeks and well I didn't want to sit down and just start blogging - or studying for that matter!

My Friday and weekend have been very good! On Friday I headed home during lunch, before my last lecture as I felt I could get more done at home, which was the case. I did 5 hours of work (who knew that there was so much about protein. ... 40 pages and very small writing. Still not done with that chapter!) Before I headed into the town to watch zoolander 2 with some people from my class. The film was not good at all, almost a little torturous to sit through, but I did! And afterwards I headed home and some of the others headed out to a bar!

Then Saturday started with a workout followed by lots and lots of studying until my boyfriend arrived. And then it was just cuddling and talking before we finally went to the store to buy dinner and snacks which we made when we got back and watched the film "the hateful eight "..... an ok film, but sort of long and boring and like all of quentin tarantino. The films are pretty gruesome at times!!

Then Sunday started with a morning walk while my boyfriend slept and then we got ready and booked a table for brunch at a hotel, though as we didnt have a table until 12.45 we headed into town and went to a cafe and i tried a ginger and lemon shot which was super strong and made my mouth and tongue burn, but it was definitely a wake up shot and gave me lots of energy!! 

And then it was time for brunch and i was starving by that point so i enjoyed the food lots and the dessert table was amazing!!! People looked at me strangely when i took photos (for those of you who wonder!), but i dont really care what they think. I like having the memories and well, it looked good!!

Then after we were both full and had rested a while we wandered around the town for a long time before eventually taking the bus back to my apartment and now we're going to watch movies and eat snacks when we feel hungry again, hahah. That Sunday food routine ;)

A new week tomorrow and lots to do so for now i am enjoying my free time and my company :) I hope you have all had a great weekend!!!


  1. How did you manage to stay away from the pancakes?! ;O

    1. I ate some of my boyfriends and they didn't taste so good.... but I had planned to eat some but then I completely forgot ^-^ but I am more of a waffle person anyway!

  2. Great to hear you had a nice weekend with your boyfriend - a good couple of days sets you up nicely for the week ahead!
    Have a great week :)

    1. It was lovely. Though if anything it made me less motivated for school, as I want more free time, haha. But it was nice with atleast one day with no pressure to study!

  3. Just a quick question which i`ve always wondered but never asked - is the central heating turned up full where you are or are you just a naturally warm person? I`m here with two jumpers and there you are looking stunning in sleeveless tops! Ofcourse I`m just jealous :)

    1. I always get really warm when I eat, haha. So I don't think it's the room temperature. .. and then when I don't eat/haven't eaten alot I freeze like crazy!!

  4. That happens to me too - before a meal I may feel cold but afterwards I`m really warm, how weird!
    I really hope this weather changes soon, can`t wait to shed my jumpers and many layers, feels like its been a very long winter.