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Saturday, March 19, 2016

2 new Ben and jerry flavours, Stockholm Ice bar and the morning after

Hello :)

I thought i would do a sort of 3 in 1 post and try to keep it all short :)

So first off yesterday i found two new Ben and Jerry flavours in the shop and thought, I have to buy them!! On my bucketlist is to try all the ben and jerry flavours available to me, and ive been looking for the S'wich up flavour for a while, so i was happy to find it. And i can say... its my new top favourite, and second is half baked and third peanut butter cup :) 
And the chocolate core one was ok... though  i dont actually like chocolate ice cream so i ate a bite of it and that was enough for me! But i had to try it atleast :)

Then in the evening it was time to get ready to go out and meet my friends. I was not feeling so motivated and it didnt help that i had just found a new series which i really wanted to watch a few episodes of XD But i got dressed up and left to meet my friends and we first went to the ice bar.
It was minus degrees in there, but we all got a "cape" and gloves to keep us warm so it wasnt so bad.
We also got a welcome drink, and the one i ordered was some type of watermelon vodka mix, which actually tasted very good!!

After the ice bar we headed to a student bar where the drinks were cheap as my friends wanted to drink. Though i didnt want to drink any alcohol so i went to order a sugar free redbull, but he thought i meant redbull vodka with a sugar free redbull so thats what he gave me... and i didnt feel like correcting him, so i paid for the drink and gave it to my friends but got to drink what was remaining in the can anyway, haha.  Me and alcohol dont mix well and i had already drank some vodka at the ice bar and i didnt feel like having anymore!

And after that we headed to a club to dance though i was very tired at the time and not really feeling it so i headed home by 1am and i think my friends left around 2am.

It was a fun night with friends, however this morning was not so great... and not due to alcohol.

But CF problems and barely able to breathe at all. Its been getting worse the past few weeks but it hasnt gotten better, so now i have called the hospital and gotten lots of medication to take and going to the CF clinic on Thursday, but of course if it gets worse i'll have to go to the emergency room. But the doctor i spoke to said it was most likely an infection and that i need to take the medication and see if it gets better and then on Thursday i'll get to see my regular doctor and see what she recommends.
 But it is very terrifying to wake up and feel like you can't breathe, a lack of oxygen and a pounding headache.
I am hoping the medication will help and that hopefully breathing will feel easier again. 

Todays plans are to try to study a few pages and then just watch series and go for a walk and get some cardio in as that is one of the most helpful for me when i am struggling to breathe.

Anyway, i hope you all have a great day and have a great weekend :)

Below are some photos from the ice bar!

(The red drink was mine)

(I took the malmö one!)


  1. beautiful pictures!
    i am really sorry you are suffering with your CF -- it sounds frightening and horrible. i am glad your doctors are onto it.... Do take care of yourself?! you are precious X
    (ps and btw, you said on one of your recent vlogs that you didn't think anyone realised how bad things got for you last year. You know, I think there were quite a few of your readers who were really concerned -- to be sure, you were not sharing everything with us, but lots of people have enough experience to imagine -- You know, you aren't alone; it's just not always easy to know how to reach out to someone or how to help. I'm glad things are generally in a better place for you at the moment, and do take care with the CF and all the rest. Thank you for your beautiful blog, and all that you share here.)

  2. Sorry to read you are having a bad time with your CF, hopefully the medication you have been given will help you and you will soon feel better.
    Love the pictures of the ice bar - it looks a wonderful place to experience!
    Just echoing the thoughts of anonymous above - know that you can share your thoughts on here because many of us understand - you may not fully let on just how bad things are but we can kind of join the dots and get a good idea of what is happening to you. Please take care of yourself and do what the doctors tell you to do, even if you don`t want to!
    Wishing you well and hope that you feel better soon (())