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Friday, February 5, 2016

Yesterdays self care day

Hello :)

First update in 24 hours, and actually my first time checking my blog in 24 hours and that doenst happen often. But yesterday continued on in the negative and "everything is going wrong" manner from Wednesday. But im not going to get into that, instead the past is the past. That was yesterday and instead focus on a new day, and a better day hopefully!! Its Friday, and that means tomorrow is the weekend, which is much needed :) I just have one "lesson" today, which i have scheduled at 8am, but as i was so tired i have decided to see if i can go to the one that starts at 12 instead... the lessons arent compulsory and they are just "maths/counting", and i think you can swap groups or go to both lessons if you feel you need the extra help, so hopefully it will work out.... haha. I dont really need to go to the lesson but i feel i might miss some extra tip or advice regarding how to think when calculating out the different questions, so might as well go.

Otherwise, i slept 12 hours last night, and decided to have a bit of a "self care" evening, or more that was how it turned out. I was soo tired and by 2pm, during my last lecture i felt i was falling asleep - and at that point all i wanted was caffeine, but instead drank a whole bunch of water, moved around during the break and managed the last hour of the lecture. But then when i came home i thought, ill give myself an hour to watch a series and eat a snack before i do an hour or two of work.... but then that hour became two hours and before i knew it i was wrapped in my heating blanket and could barely keep my eyes open, so i fell asleep around 7pm, woke up at 9pm still exhausted and so got under the covers, turned off the lights and fell asleep again... only to wake up at 7am this morning - after snoozing my alarm for an hour XD Safe to say i was tired. Though i have slept so restlessly the past few days, waking up and beginning to put my clothes on and get ready only to realise that it is 1 or 3am and i can still sleep a few hours... and then i wake up again and do the same thing only to realise its still too early. So not sleeping so well.  But now i feel rested anyway!!! An evening of sleep, no social media and also my mobile is acting so weird so i dont really have internet or any signal on my phone.... Basically disconnected from the world in a sense. But going to check that out, because its no use walking around with a mobile if you cant even call or text someone and cant use the internet either.... whats the point of the phone then if i cant contact people?

Anyway, too much writing... i seem to have forgotten the concept of time this morning and have wasted far toomuch time doing, who knows what!! XD

But now its time for a walk and then get ready for the day :)

P.s i am also going to try do a "my day/follow me around" vlog, though i cant promise anything as i might forget to film, or if i dont find a program to edit the video i wont be able to acutally make the video XD But the thought of doing it is there anyway :)


  1. Well, sometimes being 'selfish' and just taking some time to yourself is a good thing. It's hasn't been said enough! :)
    You're a big inspiration to me, thanks for that.
    And i hope you have a very good Friday.
    Lots of love, Kaylee.

  2. Also had a bad couple of days so its Saturday and I`m only just reading Fridays posts!
    Sorry to hear you`ve been having a rough time too but its good that you`ve caught up on your sleep - your body obviously needed it. Hope your Friday turned out better. sometimes we just have to make time for ourselves and shutting out the world (on purpose or by accident) isn't such a bad thing