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Monday, February 15, 2016

When my body gives me signs of illness - and being ok with resting

Today has been one of those days where my body has just said no.

I've felt awful all day. My muscles have ached (not from training pain, but that heavy and tired feeling where your muscles ache for some weird reason). And my stomach has been in pain all day making me have 0 appetite and just the thought of food makes me feel queasy. Even drinking water makes my stomach ache. And then there's the breathing part. ... where it felt like I would start hyperventilating because I couldn't seem to get enough air. But was not a good day physically but when I got home I tried to eat something to get some energy into me and then took a nap as I felt so exhausted and now I'm just after finishing an hour of study and going to call it quits now. Make myself some tea and then go to sleep ^-^ the next 3 days it will just be study at home and wrapped in a heating blanket and hope that I feel better soon! Luckily I can still study and have energy for that, but everything else... nope.

Though it's times like this where I think back over the times when I struggled with an exercise addiction and even if I was tired or I'll I would force myself to exercise and wouldn't even sit down or lie down because I was so scared of resting. But now when my body gives me signs that I need rest I listen to them and will give my body the rest it needs  and if it wasn't because of my test I would be giving myself mental rest as well. But I'll do that this weekend!!!

I know it can be tough to rest and you think that you will gain weight or you can't eat the same amount or you think you will turn into a "blob" but that is not the case. I promise you!! You can take a week off. .. two weeks, a month off from training or more if necessary and that is ok. But also, if you have a cold or your body is telling you to rest... listen to that. Don't force yourself to workout as it won't do your body any good. I mean sure I could workout now if I forced myself to, but then I would stress my body, lower my immune system and just make me sick even longer and not to mention that the fact that I haven't been able to eat or drink properly means that exercising would just be the opposite of helpful it would just break down my body. Remember that resting isn't bad, it's part of life and if you can't rest while injured or sick then you need to realise you don't have a healthy relationship with exercise or your body. Resting is beneficial and helpful for the body, remember that!


  1. Feel better soon Izzy XX

  2. I really dislike this time of year when there is a lot of illness about. Hope you managed to get a good nights sleep and feel better now (())