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Monday, February 22, 2016

What type of people do i want to work with in the future?

I was recently asked what type of people did i want to help in the future when I am working with nutrition. Whether i wanted to help people who were overweight or underweight or whether i wanted to work with people who struggled with an eating disorder or work as a dietician at an eating disorder clinic.

And this question is actually really hard to answer because i dont really know. I know i want to help people and help people find THEIR balance in life and help them find their way of eating that suits their lifestyles and their body. Help people feel good through their diet, as a diet plays a huge role in how people feel and things such as stress, sleep, tiredness, libido, headaches, concentration and focus etc are all affected by your diet. For example my mum is an ayurvedic health coach and first she does a health analysis and then puts together a plan for the person to follow which will help woth their symptoms and help them feel better. And the people who do follow the plan feel better, such as some people who had constant headaches or always bloated, but after following the tips/plan my mum made, those things went away. And i think that is awesome, that is what i want to help people with as well, help people feel better and realise how important nutrition is and how important it is with enough food and the right type of food.

Because of my past i know that i could help people with an eating disorder, but at the same time something which can frustrate me alot is when someone asks for advice and you know that if they follow your advice/tips they will feel better, but then they dont actually follow the advice and they end up getting worse or just complain, and that frustrates me. But of course when you struggle with an eating disorder its not as simple as telling someone to eat, i know that. But it can get frustrating when you so badly want to help someone and want them to feel better and they dont do the work. So i dont know.... i mean i might work with those who are motivated to recover, because i dont think i could work with those are still very stuck in their eating disorder and have absaloutly no motivation to even try to eat, because then i cant force them and my words of advice wouldnt even stick in their mind. And i dont know if i would want to be a dietician at an eating disorder clinic.... i mean the dieticians at Mando got ALOT of hate. I dreaded each time i was told that i had to go to the dietician because then i knew that my meal plan was going to be raised.
  I did like the dietician at Mando as a person, she was super sweet and nice, but at the same time i had a sort of hate for her as she was the one who added food to my meal plan. But also she never listened to my requests, which i understand now... but back then i didnt.

But then when it comes to people who are overweight.... there are also those who dont follow advice and then just complain about the fact that they dont lose weight or dont see progress. And that annoys me as well... because if you want change you have to actually make a change. You cant sit around and complain to everyone that it isnt getting better or you arent seeing progress when you are doing anything that will make you see progress. But of course even "normal/healthy" people who want to be healthier or see progress dont always do what they are told, and that is normal.!! (It sounds like i want to be a dictator when i write that.... hahahah. Thats not what i mean, i mean more in the sense that if someone asks you for advice and you give relevant and useful advice and then they dont even try to make a change or follow the advice and then just complain about why things arent getting better.... well that can be frustrating!)

Of course it now seems like, who do i want to work with? And i think my answer is everyone, mostly. To be able to help people who are MOTIVATED. I know that some PT's before they take on a client they make sure the client is motivated, because otherwise they dont want to put their time towards helping that person. And i know it doesnt sound great, but i think i will be like that in the future as well. I want to be more of a health coach rather than a dietician, but before taking on clients i will make sure that they are motivated to make a change... of course they can have online contact with me and i can try to motivate them, we all have bad days. But that they are willing to make a change. I mean i could just take all clients, make lots of money and then give them a plan and say "good luck", but that is not what i would want to do. I would want to have contact with my clients, know that they want to make a change and then see them make changes and feel better.

What makes me happy and makes me want to work with nutrition and helping people is seeing when people begin to feel better, feel happier and see their progress, THAT makes me happy. What makes me frustrated is when people dont put the work in and dont make a change, so its sort of a balance thing because you never really know how people will behave or what they will do.

But to answer the question, i want to work with motivated people in the future. Because sometimes you are motivated but dont know what to do, dont know how to eat or what changes to make and thats when I can step in and help :) So whether its weightloss, weight gain, building muscle, eating healthier, knowing how to eat for intolerances, allergies or illnesses etc thats where i can help :)

So thats my goal in the future anyway. I dont think i want to be a dietician who works in a hospital, so im not so sure what program i am going to apply for... i have seen some other programs which have a little more exercise and nutrition so i might apply for those in autumn, but this is the first step of my path and learning about nutrition!!

And i can say, i am super excited for the future when i can help people and know i make a difference and can share my knowledge and help people find their passion for food and treating their body right!!! :)


  1. This is lovely. I am excited for your future too! The people who work with you face-to-face will be really lucky to have such a skilled, enthusiastic, caring, experienced and warm guide to inspire and instruct them. I hope your back pain has not been too awful today. Take care.

  2. I think its great that you have this ambition, and I share the thoughts of the post above when they wrote that people you come into contact with will be lucky to have you. I hope it all works out well for you.