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Friday, February 12, 2016

What i ate today

Was requested a "what i ate today", so here goes :)

Basically just eaten what has been available to me.

Breakfast: Cottage cheese, some cashews, rice pudding and a box of cherry tomatoes. (Basically what was at my boyfriends house)

Lunch: 2 cans of tuna, handful (or two XD) of salted peanuts, potatoe salad & pickles
 Dessert: Coconut&cola quark & 50g salted almonds

Snack: Crisp bread with spread and caviar (typical in sweden. Not the fancy black stuff, just a sort of cheap caviar!)

Dinner: Tacos (quorn, sweet corn, creme fraiche, peanuts, vegetables)

Night snack: 2 Protein pudding & sugar free chocolate

Also some extra "notes". Now when i buy food myself i realise that 1) I eat roughly 1kg frozen vegetables a day and roughly 1,5kg salted nuts per week XD hahahahha. 

And also, as i wrote before i needed to make changes in my diet due to all the stomach pain i was getting, and as i have only bought the food i should eat/want to eat at my apartment it also means i have cut out the items i should avoid decrease...  and no stomach pain, or very rarely and not as bad!!! And it feels so good! Though things like nuts and chocolate i should avoid/limit, but they dont cause me bloating or stomach pain so i keep them in my daily diet anyway and it works fine!! I mean why limit two things i love if they dont cause me pain... even if ive been told to limit them.

Anyway, let me know if you want me to do these weekly or just now and again like i do at the moment :)


  1. Thank you for inspo! I really like these posts and for me you can do them As often as you can :)

  2. A weekly post like this would be good if you can manage it!
    It gives me ideas and is a reminder that one day I will be able to make my own food choices and eat a variety like you

    1. I might make it a weekly thing. Though my food is very basic and repetitive while living on my own so not so much to post about then!

  3. BTW - how are you getting on with eliminating certain foods? I`ve just had the results back from my intolerance test and have had to spend a lot of time out shopping reading labels because two of the foods I have to cut out appear to be an ingredient in everything. It has been quite a challenge finding replacements although with some things I have had to cut out completely because they are all the same ingrediants and no variations. I have to eliminate for two weeks then gradually reintroduce each food to see if I still get symptoms and if I do then cut them out for good. It has been interesting to say the least. But if it makes me feel better it will be worth it

    1. It's always tough when you find out about intolerance and have to change things in your diet. For me, while living on my own and buying my own food I've just bought the food that my stomach can handle so I have been pain free which has been awesome, but since being home for these 24 hours I've eaten food which my stomach doesn't really like so I've had some stomach pain, but I know it will go away soon :) good luck with the diet changes and hopefully you can reintroduce the foods again and your body can handle them! However if you don't eat a certain food for a long time then when you eat it again it will cause pain... for example if I were to eat red meat now, after not eating it for 5 years I would most likely have alot of stomach pain. So just remember that as well! But also during recovery your stomach messes up alot and there is alot of pain and discomfort so sometimes it's not the food just your stomach in general, however you could also have a very sensitive stomach/digestive system.

    2. That's what I wanted to rule out - the possibility that it was just me being over sensitive and stomach pain because of recovery and not the actual food itself which is why I had the tests done. Funnily enough one of the worst culprits as its turned out is a food that I`ve eaten a lot of and didn't cause me any adverse symptoms- yet it iis highest on the intolerance results. So now I am replacing it and cutting it out to see if it has any effect on my general health although at times I think it is pointless because I felt fine eating it. Having a more thorough test this week using blood rather than a hair sample so hopefully that will either verify it or rule it out as an intolerance. some of the foods named in the results came as no surprise and I`d already cut them out afterall theres no point eating foods which you knowingly know will make you ill but there are a couple on there which came as a surprise. but I`ll eliminate for the two weeks and see what happens, if no change I`ll just go back to them.

  4. What is it that you can not eat?

    1. I don't want to write about it here on my blog as it could be triggering. But also it's not necessary for others to know :)