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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Wednesday - vegetarian buffet, CF clinic, X rays and stomach pain

Good morning from me :)

Yesterday was a very long day and despite not actually doing so much, i felt exhausted by the time i got home (7pm) and didnt think i would be able to get up for school today. But i guess going to bed at 8.30pm helps to get up at 6am the next day, hahaha.

My day started with an icy walk with my dog Daisy. My hip felt better and all i wanted to do was go for a walk so i thought, ill try and see how it goes, and it went well. Until, i fell.... yup, my first time slipping on the ice this winter season, and my first thought when it happened (Because when you fall and you know its happenening and you cant stop it, its like time slows down.) was.... now im going to fracture my hip, or ill sit here in the middle of the forest and not be able to get up... but after catching my breath and letting that first pang of pain fade away, i got up and realised that my hip wasnt flaring with pain like i had expected, if anything it almost felt better....? Maybe it was the shock, so i pretty mch worried that once the painkillers and shock had faded away, that i would suddenly feel the pain, but that didnt happen. Almost like a free treatment, haha. No but i guess i was lucky as it could have been so much worse!!!

The day then continued with going to the gym with my sister - though i didnt do so much, still taking it very carefully and ill wait a few more days and see how it feels. But i tried one or two things which didnt hurt, but mostly it was nice to be there even if i didnt do much :) And then i went for lunch at my favourite vegetarian buffet with my mum to celebrate that i passed my two tests. As i wrote after the tests, i was convinced i had failed but i dont know how i did it, but i was close to the max points so i guess i didnt do as bad as i had thought!!

The food was nice, but i would have enjoyed it more if my stomach wasnt in so much pain. I have avoided writing about it but the past while my stomach has been in lots of pain and ive felt nauseous and absaloutly no appetite. It can be triggering to read about so i havent mentioned it, but the past while i have pretty much forced myself to eat because i know i need it.

So when i mentioned this to my doctor she got worried incase it was something serious causing the pain, though the fact that it has been a week or two and nothing has happened so i didnt think it was so serious, but she made me get an x ray anyway, where i had to sit and wait an hour and then i got blod tests and other tests done and then i got to meet the doctor again and the x rays didnt show anything serious anyway so she said that i most probably had a sensitive stomach i.e a sort of gastritis (but not really the inflammation). 

And when i checked the symptoms of it... i have it all, so i guess thats a pretty accurate diagnosis. Because i dont eat the foods which i know my body doesnt tolerate and i am eating very basic but still so much stomach pain and i am pretty sure i havent magically gotten intolerances to the foods i eat everyday, so having a sensitive stomach makes sense. So now i need to focus again on smaller meals through out the day (been eating 3 big meals instead due to lack of appetite) and less coffee and i guess even if i dont feel stress, there is an inner stress in my body which is causing lots of acid to be produced in my stomach and makes me feel nauseous and full.

Anyway it feels like all i do at the moment is complain about troubles with my body, so i apologize for that. And i am going to try to not write so much about it, hahaa. Its not so interesting, but i guess its sort of my main focus at the moment as it is an everyday thing and somethign which doesnt just magically go away. But hopefully it will soon and that ill be able to enjoy the food i eat and not just feel nauseous when i eat.

Anyway, its a new day today and backto university and lots to do today, so going to try schedule posts this morning, but i guess there is alot going on in my life right now and so many different thoughts that sometimes hours pass and i realise that i havent written anything or answered comments or scheduled posts. But I am glad to see that my readers can help each other :) That is awesome and i love seeing that, so if i dont have the time to answer you can always answer a question or give some advice if you can help someone else in the comment section :)


  1. Congratulations on the test, Izzy! And how nice that things are looking up at present with the body / health issues - obviously it is still far from right, but surely nice to get a diagnosis for the one thing, and some signs of improvement in the other.
    Izzy, I really appreciate you writing about the body pain and things at present, as various things are playing up in my own body, I don't know why or whether it will last, and it's just nice to hear someone else's story. I don't know how other people feel, but I am glad that you do mention it.
    Anyway, have a good day and take care.

    1. Thank you :) Knowing what my stomach problems may be is definitely helpful as i now have some sort of guide to follow, along with all the previous guides. So hopefully i will be pain free soon :) In recovery you can get alot of digestion and stomach problems and they should pass if it isnt that you are intolerant to some type of food or develop some type of stomach problems, but generally you do feel very bloated and get some pains in your stomach during recovery but they will pass :)

  2. Well done for passing your tests! I bet you are so pleased!
    Sorry to hear about the stomach pain, I have gastritis and it can be miserable. Mine is mostly under control now thanks to medication although I had to make a few changes to my diet as well as certain foods trigger it. Hopefully you will soon make a connection as to which foods trigger you so you know where you are and can avoid a bout of pain. Try googling gastritis and it will give you a list of foods that are best avoided.
    The vegetarian buffet looked lovely, I wish they had that sort of thing here. Have a good day at uni and hope you feel better today (())

    1. Thank you, yes i am super pleased :) I got some type of medication which will help, so i am going to get that on Saturday when i am in Stockholm, hopefully that will help. But thinking more about what i eat and when and such i guess will make the biggest difference. I hope that the test results were ok and you have managed to look at them and you dont feel so overwhelmed.

  3. I had The exact Same thoughts when i fell on ice a few weeks back! I was so worried I hurt myself in some way and that i had to sit in a wheelchair for my whole life... But nothing too bad happened, just so much pain in my back and hips :/ and congrats for passing the tests! I believe in you <3

    1. I hope the pain passes for you soon :) I can say i am pretty lucky that the fall made things better and not worse, haha!! I hope you have a lovely Friday and a great weekend!