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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Unmotivated days

Its almost 3pm today and i have barely gotten anything done today... infact the most productive thing i have done today is 1) go for a short walk and then on the way home stop at the shop to buy milk, refill my bus card and while in the shop i found a bread mix which i thought i would try.

And since coming home (at 10.30am) the only real thing i have done is make bread (which was basically mix the package with yeast and water... then let the dough yeast and then bake it after roughly an hour.) And that is pretty much what i have done.... though the past few hours since about 11am until now 3pm i hve sat at the kicthen table but have been unable to get anything done.

If you live in Sweden, i can recommend this bread mix!!! :)

The onlythought in my mind is, I dont want to. No information is going into my mind and nothing is being remembered. I guess i just feel a little overwhelmed, i feel like it is SO MUCH to learn... so many small details. I mean remembering lots of detailed chemistry and all the processes in the body and knowing what cells do and which hormones are released when and why. So much and even if its interesting, its alot of information to try to remember and today my brain doesnt want to remember... my brain wants a break, hahaha. I am longing for the weekend like crazy, because then i will have a 2 day "break" where i dont really need to study, though i need to read some chapters and prepare some information for a seminar which i have in 2 weeks, but its not really study... its more to have an understanding of certain subjects and do some research.

Days like this where i just cant seem to study i always get anxiety over the fact that i amnt being productive and amnt using my time wisely but i just need to remind myself that I am only a human and somedays it just doesnt work to study... It feels like the more stressed and more pressure i put on myself to study X hours the day, the harder it is. And when i dont study i stress myself and just feel worse... when i need to just accept that today its not going to work.... no matter how many hours i sit with my notes and papers infront of me, the information is not going to stay in my mind.... I just sort of need to accept that the best thing i can do today is something other than studying...

So for now, i am going to try do something else for an hour or two and see if i can get something done this evening instead!!!

I hope you all have a great day :)

I found this quote below, which pretty much sums up my day today:

Everyone has days where nothing fits right. You can’t focus, you can’t say anything right, you can’t find anything you want. These days are normal. These weeks even. You are fine, you will be fine. Just breathe for a minute and remind yourself you are ok, life is ok. We all have bad days. Bad days make the good days sweeter.
This didn’t feel right by Amy Kennedy

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  1. Oh I hate days like this too! Some mornings I get up full of plans but when it comes to actually carrying them out I get the "i don`t want to" as well. somedays I just make myself see them through, and usually feel better for it, but other days it is no - do something else, so I have a complete re think - do something else and that works out fine. Some days are just no-go days, I just have to accept that. Sometimes I find days like this end up being the most productive, but in a different way than planned because you are doing what you feel and that can`t be prepared for or organised - so I say just go with the flow, its surprising what you end up doing! for you Izzy it was making bread - now you never thought you`d end up doing that today did you? so unplanned days can be good!
    I`m sure you will settle to your studying again when your head is in the right place, until then try not to stress too much. just put the day down to experience - tomorrow is another day!