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Monday, February 1, 2016

Todays food intake

Hello :)

Its been requested more food diaries, and as i had to try to remember my food intake today - for an assignment tomorrow (i.e doing a 24 hour food diary with another person, where i interview them about their intake the past 24 hours and then i calculate their intake and E% and they do the same for me). So i thought i might as well write out todays intake as i remember it.

But also, the way i eat has changed now compared to before. Before i ate roughly 5-7 meals per day. But now its basically 4 big meals as that is all i have time for. So eating a big breakfast, lunch and dinner and then a big night snack, and so far it works!!

So todays intake:

Breakfast: Chia seed pudding (3tbs and 2,5dl milk), 2 tbs almond butter (buffbake!), 1dl (roughly 100g) cottage cheese and a handful of raspberries & coffee with soymilk.

Lunch: 2 quorn fillets, sweet corn, peas, potatoe wedges and cottage cheese.

Dinner: Roughly 200g chicken, potatoe salad (bought), salted nuts, raisins & 4 crisp bread with butter and salmon (roughly 100g)

Snack: yoghurt (roughly 3dl/300g) with muslie & a bowl of peas, sweet corn, raisins and salted nuts (one of those weird combos i love!) & 2 pieces of Marabou Daim and Licqourice chocolate!

& before bed snack as still hungry: 1,5dl protein powder with water.

And of course lots of water 3-5l per day.

Remember... how a person eats is individual, and also... as i pay for all my food myself i cant eat the same amounts as when i live at home, hahaha XD But im not feeling hungry anyway, so thats a good thing!


  1. Do you find it easier catering for yourself now you`re living away from home ie making your own choices of what to buy and eat rather than just having food available at home? I know theres the responsibility side of it but I found it so much fun to be able to choose exactly what I wanted when I first moved away. And you soon get the hang of budgeting, it doesn't have to be expensive if you`ve got a rough idea of the food you are going to buy and of course you soon learn which shops are better value than others.
    Glad to see you`re still having your chocolate - got to have some comfort food :)

    1. I am going to answer your questions in a post coming up :)