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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Thursday thoughts and more about me as a person

I sat here for a while thinking about how to start this post... I have so much to write and there is no golden thread with everything i want to write. So instead i will start off with the thing that is on my mind right now. Which is that i just looked up at the ceiling for a random reason and saw that there is a spider there.... and now i dont want to be in my room. Hahha, but i know that if i leave my room and the spider isnt in the same place anymore then i dont know if i will be able to sleep. And yes it is a small spider, and yes it is an irrational fear... but could someone please come and take the spider away for me? :):) hahahha. Hardest part about living on my own so far!! And i know the spider is harmless, but that doesnt take the fact away that i find it disturbing to have right above my head XD

Anyway, onto the next thing.... so many thoughts in my head. Like a stream of thoughts and far too many of them. And they're not all negative, they are all just confusing... trying to make sense of my life and what it is i want in life. Sometimes i wish i was more capable of saying what it is i want and dont want... but also i wish i wasnt such a people pleaser. I wish i didnt feel the need to make everyone else happy and could just focus on my self.... Each year i say that i will learn to not be a people pleaser, but still i havent managed to actually stick with it. Managed to stick with what i want and not just do stuff and do stuff for others because that is what they want. I guess being a people pleaser sort of comes from low self esteem as well, or maybe i feel the need to make others happy because i know how it feels to be unhappy? Anyway... moving on from this thought trail and jumping to the next. (As i said, there is no "straight forward path" in this post!!!)

After writing my post about "selfies" today i began thinking... I really need to take better care of my skin. I dont put so much time towards skin care, but i know that i should. So today after school i did a whole facial treatment thing and now my skin feels somewhat fresher and more elastic compared to dry and grey! Small things like that are important to remember. It really can make such a difference :):)

And last but not least, i read some things about star signs and i cant help but be amazed how the descriptions for sagittarius fit in with me. And its not that i make them fit into my life, but that they actually describe me and my personality so well, and its scary. So i thought i would post a few of them so you know more of my personality, hahaha.

The ideal date for your sign:
9. Sagittarius: Hiking.If there’s any sign that absolutely loves to be out doing things, it’s Sagittarius. They tend to get antsy sitting around inside, so plan an outdoor adventure for the two of you. Pack a picnic and spend the day hiking and taking pictures. Bonus points for choosing a trail that ends at a romantic waterfall.

How the signs react to a zombie apocalypse:
Sagittarius will be the ones the humans believe because they are void of emotion and believe that something good is just around the corner.  The Sags luck and positive outlook just might lead others to a safe place.

Sagittarius Signs: These people never know what they want. They need someone who can keep up with them, for they’re always on the run. As much as they’d like to have a long and serious relationship, they can’t always stick around and commit to just one person.

zodiac, boyfriend, and Relationship image
zodiac, horoscope, and Sagittarius image
Sagittarius and zodiac image
bad day, coping, and zodiac image
Sagittarius image
zodiac image
Sagittarius and zodiac image

I seriously feel like i should just send those images/texts to people who know me so they understand that the way i am/behave is just sort of my personality! I wouldnt say i am caught up in the superstitious or star signs, i mean i dont read the horoscopes or anything like that, but i couldnt help but be creeped out that these are quite accurate for me anyway. Not all sagittarious are like this i guess? :)

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  1. I think its very interesting that you found the horoscopes so accurate, I love things like that. I had my tarot cards read a few months back and was amazed at how accurate that was, even more so how the timeline of events that was predicted has come true so far. I had a medium reading as well and that was upsetting yet fascinating at the same time. I can`t wait for the time to pass so I can go again!
    I love the mystery of this sort of thing and as for horoscopes have often found mine, Aries, to be quite accurate as well. Some people are obviously more like their star sign than others but I think this depends on how strong the influence is, ie time of birth within that sign. You are obviously a strong saggitarius!