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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Thursday is one stop closer to the weekend

Good Morning :)

Yesterday i kept thinking that it was Thursday so today i woke up and was convinced it was Friday, though then when i checked my phone i realised it was only Thursday. Of course, it doesnt make so much difference as i have no lecture tomorrow anyway... so it might as well be Saturday. I admit the "3 day weekend" is much appreciated, even if most of the time is spent with studying, i can still plan my day how i like!!

One of the things i love about studying is when you begin to understand it... when you begin to connect the dots and things make sense, of course there are still some black holes in your knowledge, but you atleast understand the basics... like something clicks in your brain. I love that feeling. You feel so smart then and you feel like nothing can stop you.... until you have to answer a question and you have no idea the answer, hahaha. But when that one thing begins to make sense studying doesnt feel so bad. Its like maths, even if its tough at times... when you suddenly begin to understand it, then it isnt so bad. And all i can say is... practise, with all things. If you want to get better at something you need to practise it, or if you want to learn something then you need to study it and read/take notes/study a little everyday and try to get things to make sense and connect together. So whatever it is you want to get better at, it often craves practise!

So, my plans this Thursday? I dont start until 12 today so im going to try to head to school for 11 and get some work done beforehand and then get some work done afterwards as well and then depending on when i am done with all of that, ill head home and then might head to Stockholm but it all sort of depends on timing... If i am super tired i dont know how motivated i am to travel 2 hours back to Stockholm, though in all honest its just excuses... because all i need to do is take a bus from my apartment to the train station and then the train an hour, then the tube and then a tram for 30 miinutes..... One thing i can say is that... i havent missed the public transport in Stockholm. I love how "close" (i think its close anyway) everything is and how you can just walk everywhere - if you have the time that is to say. But most students and people cycle everywhere here, though i dont like cycling so i'll stick to walking or the bus!!

Anyway, now its time to make myself some coffee and head out into the snow and cold for a walk and then start my day!!! :)

^^Old winter pictures....

But i would much prefer this:

Shorts outside... and a tan? Yes please XD XD


  1. I hope you'll have a great day! :)

  2. forecast is for snow here too this weekend - not looking forward to that, everything grinds to halt and people switch to panic mode when in reality we get very little. We`re just not prepared for it in southern England!
    Hope you have a good day and get to travel home later, are you spending a long weekend there? I bet your little doggie has missed you ! Good to read that your studying is all making sense to you, makes it all easier somehow if that's the case.
    Have a great Valentines Day whatever your plans are!