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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Saturday morning post & my valentine thoughts

Good morning :)

It is Saturday morning here in Sweden at the moment, and I am currently eating lunch food for breakfast. Breakfast and breakfast food used to be my favourite before, but now... not so much. Im not so hungry when i wake up and instead prefer bigger night snacks. But also i have gotten into the habit of just throwing a bunch of things into a food box and eating my food like that....which is currently what i am doing at home as well, hahah. But i enjoy my weird food mixes so i dont mind :)

Also related to this, yesterday when i arrived home i asked my mum if i could take food from the fridge or whether i should buy my own. She was shocked and thought it was silly that i asked, and she also said she would buy food at the store if there was anything i wanted, but i dont like asking people to buy me food... instead i'll just eat what is available. I dont really know why i asked, but i guess i just feel that as i dont live at home, its not really my food... ^_^

Anyway today it will be lots of studying and then in the evening meeting my friends for a "house warming party" as one of my friends moved into her own apartment a few weeks ago! So that will be fun :) Its been weeks since i have meet my friends and it feels like so much has happened to all of us so i cant wait to meet them and just be around friends..... feels like such a long time ago.

And then tomorrow its back to my apartment again! It's valentines tomorrow as well, but i have no special plans... my boyfriend is working from 7am-6pm, and i have 3 obligatory lectures from 8am on Monday so i need to head back tomorrow and as it takes 2 hours and the trains/buses dont go super late, there wouldnt really be time to celebrate anyway. But in all honesty, it doesnt make so much difference to me.... even if i have a boyfriend i dont think valentines day is anything special? I mean do you really need a day to be told "show your love" and then for the rest of the year you barely show your love at all.... but on one day you get chocolate and roses and presents etc Why dont people do that spontaneously for their partner? My step dad buys flowers or chocolates or other small gifts for my mum at random times just because, and i think that is super cute and lovely. Not just one commercialized day where everything is pink, hearts and "fake love"? I didnt really care for valentines even when i was single either.

Ok, that was a much longer text about February 14th than i had expected, . Now its time to start my day :)

(hahahha... me right now!)

What are your plans for this weekend?

Are you going to celebrate Valentines day?

What is your opinion on Valentines day? :)


  1. I am relaxing inside in. Realizing it is ok to celebrate with "me". Enjoy your weekend.

    1. Sounds like a good plan :) just relaxing inside is super necessary at times!! I hope you have a great weekend as well!

  2. I won't be celebrating myself, as I'm single again this year! Not a complaint really, focusing on myself is a full-time job!
    Nothing against Valentine's Day at all, though. Yeah, it's been heavily commercialised, but hasn't every holiday now? Hope you have a nice one yourself :-)

    Even though I'm living at home while on leave, it still makes me uncomfortable taking food that my parents have bought. It's even worse when they buy food that only I eat. Kind of look forward to getting back and paying for my own stuff again like a real adult, haha.

    1. Putting yourself first and focusing on your recovery is the best choice :) of course, almost all holidays are commercialised, I guess it's about remembering the actual meaning behind the holidays! Oh yes that's exactly how I felt, but at the same time. .. kind of nice to eat food which I don't buy myself as it's a bit too expensive ^-^ for now try to enjoy the benefits of living at home, you'll have the rest of your life to live on your own!! But I know how you long for your own freedom when you live at home!

  3. Valentines day is hugely commercialised, I have to laugh when I see men desperately buying flowers from the supermarket on the day because they have clearly forgotten! You are right in saying that we don`t need to have a specific day to let someone know we love them ....but we do it anyway. I brought my partner some of his favourite chocolates and he got me a clothes gift card for when I get to buy my new wardrobe after recovery...which is a goal both to work towards and look forward to. We don`t do the big romance thing - been together too long for that!
    I hope you have a good weekend at home, I get what you mean about the food thing but just because you don`t live there at the moment its still your home so I can understand your mums reaction too. Take it from me, you`ll always be her little girl to her no matter how much you grow up or how long you are away from home, maternal instincts don`t die! Enjoy the time at home for what it is - and afterwards you have the freedom of your own space again.
    Hope you have a good week ahead! Any interesting lectures planned?

    1. Ohh yes, haha. Those are lovely gifts, and a clothes gift card is such a great idea :) I hope you can find some lovely new clothes to fit when you have reached your goal weight :)

      This week i dont have any lectures (apartment from yesterday which weas mostly repetition), so this week its just study at home for my test!! Have a lovely week :)