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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Saturday - cinema and sister time

Good morning :)

Its Sunday morning, currently 7.40am and i am getting ready to start my day today! On the agenda today is a workout with my sister before i head back home as i have some school work/group work to do, and then not so sure what my plan is for the evening, but if i know myself well i'll find some good series to watch and just relax as that is my favourite way to spendSunday evening before  a new week of school!

Yesterday, Saturday was a really good day spent with people closest to me! First up a workout with my sister and then i headed home before her and i got some school things done and picked up packages and ate some lunch and then my sister came home. And then the time just sort of passed, we did everything from reminiscing  on old memories and laugh about them, instagram stalk people, listen to music and just goof around. If there is one person who can always make me laugh it is my sister... even when i am angry or sad she can manage to make me smile!! We've always had a good relationship but in a way the sibling relationship is usually best when you dont live in the same house hold because then you spend time together when you want to. Im sure others might have experienced this with their siblings before as well?
  Anyway, after that we headed to a shopping forum where my boyfriend met us and my sister went off to do her things and my boyfriend and I went to a cafe before we went to the cinema where we saw Deadpool. I know there has been alot of hype about the film and many people say that its the best, but i guess i am not so much of a marvel fan so i didnt think it was that great. I guess i just find it very hard to watch all the violence in films and then when they try to make it comical... though thats just my opinion. Seeing action films and films where there is lots of violence isnt my preference so to say, but i've seen the film now anyway :) Has anyone else seen Deadpool, what did you think of it?

After the movie we headed back to my boyfriends place and just had a cosy evening as today I am heading back home again!  It has been a nice weekened, but mostly because i spent time with people i care about and enjoy spending time with. But home doesnt feel so much home, i sit there and dont feel like i can relax and it doesnt help that my room has begun to be a storage place, hahaha. But that was something i had expected so it doesnt really bother me. Its better that my room is being used for something rather than an almost completely room!! Though apparently Daisy goes in there during the day and sleeps in my bed or just walks around my room, sort of waiting!! :(

Anyway, my train leaves soon so i need to wrap this post up before it gets any longer :) I hope you all have a great Sunday, do you have any plans today? :)


  1. Maybe a silly question, but when you go to the movies, are they in English? Or dubbed Swedish? Or subtitled? Just curious!

  2. Hey Izzy, I have a question: how to concentrate on other things than food? Food is on my mind 24/7 and I sometimes even can't sleep because i think about the food i'm going to eat the next day. And what I HATE is the time between meals: i'm just watching the clock waiting for the next meal. It's not even that i'm bored or hungry, i just want to sort of "have it done". Do you have any tips for this? It's driving me crazy :(

    1. This is your body telling you that you are still malnourished. Maybe your body is not getting all the nutrients it needs or it hasn't had the time to build itself up again. The closer you get to being weight restored and when you give your body all it needs + it starts trusting you won't starve again the food thoughts will go away. remember that your main focus has been food for a long time and it takes time to change that. the best thing you can do is to make sure you eat enough, do not over exercise and try your best not to stress too much around food and mealtimes. :)

  3. Sounds like my dog when I went to university and missed me :D I trust you're having a good weekend --mine's been rather creative! X