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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Friday, February 26, 2016

One of the best mornings in a long time! (Back to working out & my lunch today)

At the moment i am feeling super content and happy. So far today has been awesome and one of those "no where to be, nothing to do" day which i love. My lecture today wasnt obligatory and i had already studied what was going to be taught in the lecture so i decided that it was better to just take take a day free and be able to sleep in, and that is exactly what i did! I slept in until 8.30am today and then did some blogging before i went for a walk in the icy and snowy winterwonderland!

That was followed by breakfast, hoovering, laundry, cleaning and packing before i set off for the gym. Not sure how it would go and i didnt want to do too much, but once i got there i was completely pain free (and no painkillers/medication for the past 48 hours, so i know that its not that i am covering up pain or anything like that. No pain at the moment) and i had so much energy!! And as i had no time pressure or anywhere to be i could spend as much time there as i wanted!! It felt so good to be back, its felt so strange not going to the gym the past few days but i know that my body has needed rest and well, ive gotten alot of studying done so thats a positive, but i am glad to be back now!!

I know many panic about resting and not working out, thinking that you will lose your progress or lose all your muscles or become weak or lose your conditioning etc That is not the case. Your body needs rest, and even if this was a sort of involuntary rest i still rested and usually after a period of lots of working out i try to take a few days off so that my body can fully recover. And that was what my body did now, so now i had lots of energy and was so much stronger than a week ago despite not actually working out this week. So that felt pretty good and now i am high on endorphines and just want to smile and am longing until tomorrow when i will workout with my sister, as i am heading back to Stockholm this evening.
  I really dont want to travel to Stockholm, i moved here so that i wouldnt have to travel and could avoid all of that... but nope, im still travelling back and forth :( If there is one thing i dislike alot, that is public transport and having to spend alot of time travelling... i am so tired of it, and after this weekend i just want to spend a few weeks where i dont have to travel back to Stockholm.

I am going to travel back on Sunday morning as i have school work/group work to do so it's just a short visit but thats ok. Ill get to see my boyfriend, workout with my sister and hopefully get a chance to head home so i can visit Daisy as well as pick up some packages :)

Todays delicious post workout lunch:

How it actually looked when i was going to eat it!
(As you can see, i added chicken and a rice cake... so know that a picture doesnt show everything. I often add food after ive taken a photo XD)
(The chocolate and almond butter later on before i leave)

I hope you have all had a great day and have a great weekend, Do you have any weekend plans? :)


  1. Do you not eat any carbohydrates? :(

    1. Of course I do :) the veggies and rice cakes are carbs as well as the chocolate :) and this is just one meal!! I eat carbs though out the day... though I can't eat pasta or potatoe at the moment and I don't like rice. But I eat bean pasta and things like that, but I just used what I had at the time and I was out of bean pasta.

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  3. Ah your food looks amazing! So vibrant, yet simple. :)
    I was looking at nut butters on Amazon (two of my addictions at once) and saw that Buff Bake stuff. Mind giving me a personal review?

    1. It was delicious, I just used what I had at home and it turned out great! I think the buff bake are ok, a 7/10 but I generally prefer just a plain crunchy peanut butter or almond butter. But the almond butter buff bake is pretty good and delicious on oatmeal! They are more runny in consistency and contain more than just nuts and salt, but that's what makes them a bit of an extra luxury when you do eat them :) they are sweet so if you want pb that is more savoury /normal then stick with normal but otherwise the buffbake and apple or some almond butter buffbake on toast or pancakes is delicious :)

  4. Izzy could you recommend me a good type of vitamin? i'm weight restored but i feel like i still need some kind of supplement

    1. Supplements and vitamins depends what you need them for? Of you just want a general one then take a multi vitamin, otherwise taking d vitamin or magnesium (especially if you workout) can be recommended. Or if you lack energy then you might need b12 or iron, but I would get your blood tests checked before you take b12 or iron supplements. Infact before taking supplements get your blood checked to see if there is anything you are missing, as too much of anything isn't good.