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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Negative body image and comparing yourself to others

I was asked to write about distorted body image and how to stop comparing yourself to others ....  with the distorted body image, its hard to give proper advice.

  For me no matter how many times someone told me i was skinny, that i was underweight, i didnt look healthy, i wasnt fat...  it never stuck in my head. I would still look down at my body or look in the mirror and just see how fat i was... even when i took photos of myself, i would look at them in disgust. Hating how big i looked, Its not until afterwards, now when im recovered i can look at those photos and see that i was far from overweight or fat. But at the time i didnt see that.... i would look in the mirror and see 101 things i hated about myself. I zoomed in on the small things i hated about myself as well as the bigger things i hated about myself.
  The truth is... everyone can look in the mirror and say 10 things they hate about themselves, infact im sure the list of things you see as flaws (though they arent, i promise. Doesnt matter whether they are scars, burn marks, beauty marks, spots etc... they make you YOU. They make you unique and nothing you should be ashamed about or see as a flaw. ) But it takes courage and strength to say atleast 3 things you love about yourself.
  This is something many people struggle with. They focus on the negatives and have to stand and think for 30 minutes before they can come up with a positive about themselves.

But this is exactly what you need to do. For me in recovery... i avoided mirrors as often as i could. Whenever i looked in the mirror i just thought negative thoughts. I tried to focus on other things apart from my body. And that helped me to stop thinking so negatively about myself and my body...
  Also, i started my actual recovery and weight gain in the summer, so i did spend time in a bikini. Which was awful at first but i didnt want to sit hiding away. I also got to see so many different body shapes... tall people and short people, skinny people and chubbier people.... so many different shapes and sizes. Everyone different, everyone unique.

  Im the type of person who often sees the good in everyone else, who can look at someone and instantly see 10 good things about them. (Though when i was very sick i had a period where i thought negative thoughts about everyone and everything. Critisized other peoples bodies because i wasnt happy with my own).  But i began seeing the good in everyone else and soon realised, i had to see the good in me as well. I had to see my positives... why do i look down on myself, hate myself, tell myself im fat, whilst i can look at others and just think how great they look, no matter what shape or size.
   It also helped me to realise that people look different, there will ALWAYS be someone skinnier than you, just like there will ALWAYS be someone bigger than you. Some people are taller than you, others are shorter than you.
  But ask yourself... what is so important about being skinnier than someone else? It really doesnt make a difference, it wont make you happier, it wont make you a better person, it wont make you smarter... it wont make you anything. Just skinnier than someone... just like someone else might have longer hair than you, or bigger feet than you. Its NOT a competition.
  You can be/look like a skeleton when you are in a grave.... you have plenty of time for that, so why look like a skeleton when you are alive?

With comparing yourself to others, you have to first learn to love yourself. See yourself for how you truly look.... if mirrors or photos trigger you. Just avoid them. Instead say or write down 3-5 good things about yourself EVERYDAY. Even if you repeat the same things, just do that.
  Many people struggle with this... they cant seem to do it. But its a good exercise to do to learn to love yourself... soon you will be able to say 5 or 10 good things about yourself, just like that. And NOT feel bad about saying them. Because what is so bad about loving yourself? People who think you are silly or vain or egoistic for loving yourself or being able to say good things about yourself are just jealous and have low self esteem.
You need to realise that the way you look IS NOT a competition. DONT compare yourself to everyone around you... it takes too much energy out of your life. Too many thoughts on body shape, on who is skinniest, who has skinniest legs or biggest arms.. its tiring. Its not a way to live.
   You need to stop focusing on body shape, but focus on other things... such as being happy. Living life, spending time with friends.

Because in the end, if you spend 99% of your time, energy and thoughts on your body shape and others body shapes you wont truly be happy. You need to let go of the obsessive body thoughts and learn to just live life and be happy. Think positive thoughts and other thoughts.

It can also help to talk about your thoughts or write them down... to get advice on how to cope with the thoughts of comparing.
  Each time you look at a photo of someone else, or look at someone else and begin to compare yourself, then STOP. Take a deep breath and begin telling yourself 5 reasons why you shouldnt compare yourself to that other person and why you are perfect just the way you are.

Below is a helpful advice post about negative body image: LINK


  1. Oh izzy ive recently put on over a kg and i dont know why. Ive started exercising & given up caffeine but my diet ive pretty much stayed the same. Yet im now heavier & my jeans no longer fit. I dont understand why. Could it be muscle or fact im rehydrating im so upset and scared.

  2. Thanku so much izzy you dont know how much i needed this post. Im suffering so much with my body image and dismorphia & its really upsetting me. I so want to get better but this body image is really putting up barriers. It hurts so much.

  3. Sorry off topic but do you have any advice. I am always feeling hungry to the point of having no energy, being in constant pain & anxiety & i cannot concentrate on my wk. i eat about 1900 cals surely this is enuf. I am putting on weight so i cant justify eating more cos the scales will go up even more & i fear overshooting my target. Yet these chronic hunger pains are causing me so much distress.