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Thursday, February 25, 2016

National eating disorder awareness week - seeking help

I am a little late on this post as i have had so many other things in my life, but this week February 21st - February 27th is National eating disorder awareness week. And i think it is so important that there is this week, even if people dont really recognize or know it. I mean for people who have no idea about eating disorders or have never experienced one or had any connection with someone who has experienced an eating disorder this campaign isnt really anything they think or care about. Which i guess is understandable, but it is also a time when more information about eating disorders is spread. Knowledge and education which is so important for everyone. For people to know the signs and symptoms whether they are suffering themselves, or you know someone who is suffering, it is important to be able to see the warning signs.

I mean when i first began not eating i didnt think it was strange and it didnt ring any bells for myself or my family (though it was very secretive). But i thought, who cares if i dont eat breakfast or lunch i eat dinner. And then with purging, i first began purging due to food poisioning but even after the food poisioning i kept purging and didnt think it was anything strange, though when i was still purging several weeks and months later i began to realise it wasnt normal, but it took more than a year for my family to actually realise what i was doing. Eating disorders are secretive and the signs and symptoms arent always obvious, the person who is sick wants to hide what they are doing.

With this post though i want to talk about seeking help or talking to people. I know that treatment can be expensive and not everyone has the funds to actually recieve treatment and sometimes the first treatment you recieve isnt the best. But there is always someone you can talk to, even if it is an eating disorder hotline or suicidal hotline. There is always someone you can talk to.

But i also want to bring up the fact that blogs and online sites arent always enough, and it is important to get some sort of help or treatment. I love that my blog can help you and act as a sort of first step or give you some advice, but it is not always enough. For some, it is and that is absaloutly great but i do ALWAYS suggest that seeking proffessional help should be the first step. It is hard, i know. I have never willingly seeked help and the treatment i recieved was because i was forced into treatment, so unfortnatly i am not such a great role model on the front of seeking proffessional help. But that doesnt stop me from advising others to do it, because it is helpful. And if you dont recieve help for some reason then online help can be great, but having support around you and someone you can talk to is important.

It is not always easy to talk to others or ask for help, but it is a first step and a very important step. If you dont ask for help you will never know whether you recieve it or not. So you have to gather the courage and talk to someone and also realise that you need help. You need to want to recover for yourself and your life. Know that recovery may be tough, but it is worth it, i promise you that!! Life has its ups and downs but life is so much easier and so much better when you arent suffering from an eating disorder.

So if you have kept your eating disorder a secret or you feel yourself relapsing or you are struggling, this week i want you to ask for help. Whether you talk to your family, friends, school nurse, therapist, doctor, hotline... talk to someone and ask for help because you deserve help and deserve to get better!!

"It’s Time to Talk About It
The National Eating Disorders Association’s free Information and Referral Helpline is a safe and confidential place to ask questions, find support and receive free information and referrals. We are available Monday - Thursday 9am-9pm & Friday 9am-5pm Eastern Time. Our volunteers receive intensive training on eating disorders, and are here to guide you!  
The  NEDA Helpline can be contacted at (800), and through our click-to-chat feature on our website at  
You may also find information and referrals to eating disorders experts on our website at" 


  1. I'm glad you've flagged up the importance and seriousness of seeking help from professionals, as it can go undetected so easily -especially by those who are so used to seeing you a certain way.

    If others don't detect any signs, taking the step to go to a GP is SO important. It is scary to think how quickly an ED can take hold and sadly take so many lives.

    Despite the fear, I implore anyone to speak to a GP or professional asap. Xx

    1. Oh yes exactly. I always promote proffessional help, because online help just isnt enough always. Of course it can be helpful, but i think talking to someone and having support around you is important in recovery!