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Sunday, February 14, 2016

My Saturday and Sunday

Hello :)

At the moment i am sitting bundled up in both my nightgown and my heating blanket as well as having both a warm cup of green tea and decaf coffee on my bedside table. Feeling super cold and tired and so i think my body is telling me that "i just need a break right now" or that i am about to catch a cold. So next week will just entail lots of rest, maybe some walks to get fresh air and hours of studying as i have my test on Friday and i already feel like i am going to fail. But as people around me tell me,  I need to believe in myself. But somehow i already feel like i have failed and i havent even begun the test. Anyway, i am going to put those thoughts to the side and just focus on learning and understanding as much as i can these next few days and then all i can do is my best!!

So how has my weekend been? It has been good, mostly though the time has just flown by. I spent the evening with my friends and had a great time and there was home made sushi, mini muffins and mini cookies as well as home made pizza. Though when the drinking and drinking games were about to begin i decided to join two others and leave. They were both working the next day and i had a 90 minutes journey to my boyfriends place. It was nice to see my friends again and in a way it feels like we have gotten closer after high school, because when you are in high school you are sort of forced to spend time with each other... but now we all spend time with each other because we want to, and want to help each other with different problems and are there for each other, but also interested in what the other person is doing. Because i have had "friendships" where its felt like a one way thing... where its just me asking questions and they never seem to wonder about my life or care about what i am doing.

On the way to my boyfriends place my stomach was in knots... it had been in pain all evening and by the time i got to his apartment i had to just sit on the sofa for a while and taking some painkillers to make the pain go away. And eventually some time after 12am i curled into a ball and hoped the pain would go away.... 

Today i woke up and felt a bit better anyway!! Also woke up to a few of my favourite foods... best way to start my day! And then a workout before i had a 2 hour journey back to my apartment, and that journey was far from fun. Crowded trains, people everywhere and super cold, and then when i got back to the apartment i remembered i had no food at home so had to leave again to go buy food and since then i have just lain in bed.... no energy or motivation for the rest of this day. Hahahah.  Its only 8pm, but i am actually considering going to bed now.... I mean i cant complain about getting a few extra hours of sleep!

Anyway, it has been a good weekend. But now i am just focused on my studies and nice to be back in my apartment again, but i already miss my dog alot.... :( That is one of the hardest things about moving, not seeing my dog everyday and i more than ever wish that i could have her live with me.... its not impossible, but i also know that my parents love Daisy as well and enjoy having her there and then Daisy isnt as lonely there either... Hahah. Trying to convince myself of all the reasons that Daisy should stay with my parents, but still... its a strong bond between a dog and their owner!

Hhahaha, Daisy hates when i take photos of her!!

How has your weekend been? Done anything special? :)


  1. Glad to hear your weekend went well and you managed to go and see your friends, its always nice when you get to catch up after a time of not seeing them.
    Did`nt do anything really exciting this weekend, the weather was so cold on Saturday I didn't want to go out except to do the usual Saturday shop so I wrapped up warm on the sofa in the afternoon whilst my partner went off and did "man things" - like go to the DIY centre etc.
    Sunday we had a baking session - tia maria coffee and walnut cake - which turned out delicious and my favourite tea - chicken and rice (I know its boring but its my favourite at the moment - I have just re discovered rice and learnt what I`ve been missing after all these years of being sick) - that's one of the best things about recovery, all those foods that you re- discover or discover for the first time! Then it was an evening of watching silly films on tv - so nothing exciting but pleasant enough, it was relaxing anyway!
    This morning I had my other intolerance test taken and had to wait outside the building for a good 15 mins in the freezing cold waiting for it to open, I was on time - they were not. So that wasn't so good. Get the results in 10 days so I`m looking forward to that.
    Cooking a naughty - but - nice tea tonight, homemade chips. we brought one of those air fryers that only takes a spoonful of oil to cook a whole batch of chips, the results are delicious, very light and crispy and not greasy at all. And for dessert I am having rice pudding which I am going to make myself. I am trying to increase my calorie intake by having different desserts rather than my usual fruit and yogurt so today I am making a start on that, and that's my meal plan goal/change for the week ...different desserts. I am aiming to try at least a couple of new foods this week although if this cold weather keeps up I doubt I`ll have the icecream.
    Hope your week has got off to a good start and good luck for your test on Friday, I`m sure you`ll do well!

    1. Carol, I just wanted to say, I always appreciate reading your comments on Izzy's blog. Izzy is wonderful, and you are too.

    2. I agree with the second anonymous, I love reading your comments carol!! It's so much fun when my readers want to share things about their life and their day :) I love the interaction!!

      And that sounds like a lovely Saturday, just wrapping up in a blanket and having a relaxing day!! And that is so awesome that you have found "new " foods to enjoy!!! Chicken and rice may be simple, but sometimes the simple meals are the best!!

      That is a great goal with different desserts, there are so many yummy dessert! ! A tip if you enjoy fruit is to bake it (such as a banana or pear ) and top it with some vanilla ice cream, granola, nut bugger etc or to fry apple (in small pieces) in some coconut oil and add cinnamon and then top oatmeal with it or mix in some dried oatmeal and with vanilla ice cream/ yoghurt and it's like an apple pie (pf course real apple pie is the best ;) ) . Good luck with the results of the intolerance tsts and hopefully you can get all of that sorted out and not have any stomach pain! Have a lovely week, and let me know how your desserts went and what desserts you ate!! Ohh.. p.s if you like sweet potatoe, try making sweet potatoe crisps in the air fryer, that is supposed to be delicious! !! :)

    3. *butter not bugger.... auto correct ^-^