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Monday, February 8, 2016

Monday update and watermelon cravings

Good morning!!!

Its a new week and for me it is a rather short week, i.e only 3 lectures this week so I am free both today, Monday and on Friday!

Despite being free from university lectures today, i had set my alarm for 6.30am (As i know i would snooze until 7am anyway. And want to keep up with regular sleeping times), but that snooze turned into "silence" and then next 3 alarms were also silenced, so i woke at 8.30am instead.... Good thing i didnt have lectures today!

Somedays it is harder to wake up and get out of bed, but now im awake and ready for the day anyway, which will just consist of a workout and then sitting at the library until i can no longer focus or concentrate. Lots to study and try to do as my weekend was study free, but i am ready to use my brain again today anyway!

First up its some hoovering, cleaning the kitchen and my room - was supposed to do it yesterday but well, i didnt really do much yesterday. But my room mate is coming back today, and its always nice when the apartment is a little extra fresh!! It makes it sound like i havent cleaned or just made a huge mess this weekend, that is not the case... its basically washing a few cups, hoovering in the hall from when my family came and their shoes broght in a bunch of leaves and dirt, and then just moving clothes from the floor to their place in the cupboard.... So it's not like i have made any huge mess, even if it may seem like it.

Anyway, now its time to make a food box for lunch and pack with me some type of snack and then its time to start my day!!

Craving summer and watermelon at the momnet..... as you can see below!!!

I actually made a bet with my boyfriend that i could eat and bring home 100kg of watermelon... if he could fix that 1kg watermelon cost 1kr, hahahah. He said he wanted to see me try to bring 100kg of watermelon home XD Eating it would be no problem, but trying to bring that amount from a store home.... difficult. But if i had a few hours i am sure i could do it XD

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  1. I`m with you on the watermelon - its delicious. Always a sign that Spring is approaching when different foods become more abundant in the shops - of course you get the winter forced varieties but they`re not the same somehow. Today I found some early new potatoes so I brought some for tea tonight. Just washed and boiled in their skins with butter to serve - delicious!
    Have a good week and make the most of your free time, what are you going to do besides study?