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Monday, February 29, 2016

Monday 29th February - Tired and just trying to get through the day & todays dinner and yesterdays lunch

Hello :)

Today i guess you could say is an "extra day" considering that it is a leap day!! And tomorrow it is already March... think, when March is over then 25% of the year has already passed? Maybe a good time to start thinking, is the year going as you want it to... are you trying to reach your goals?

Today had not been the best of days for me... infact when i woke up i knew that today wouldnt be that great a day. Infact i lay in bed for 10 minutes after turning my alarm off and contemplated whether i should just skip my classes today as i was not excited for school at all.

Hahahah, pretty much my thoughts this morning!!

But i got myself together  and got ready and headed to school where i mostly felt like sleeping and didnt feel so great at all. Just an overwhelming tiredness in a way and a heavy body, and a lack of concentration all day. But i made it through my lectures and ive answered almost all the emails i said i would answer on Sunday, so just a few more to go!
Finally at 3pm it was home time and i headed to the store to get a few items and i also found vegan chicken, which i have tried for my dinner. My opinion on it? Well it doesnt taste like chicken and it tastes kind of weird, but it wasnt horrible... but i would prefer to just eat tofu.

Supposed to be eating smaller meals for the sake of my stomach and digestion... but that isnt working well at all. Infact im pretty much just eating 3 big meals a day, hence why i am  not writing any food diaries either, as i do think eating smaller meals frequently is generally better. But at the moment this way of eating works for me.

This evening ive got two articles - 50 pages about sugar and sugar addiction to read, and i am actually quite excited to read them and see what the proffessors have to say about that, and then also prepering for my seminar on Thursday as well as lots of note taking. So a study filled evening, but its interesting so it isnt so bad, and i am filled with energy now so much easier to focus and concentrate!!

I hope you have all had a great Monday and maybe this evening set some goals for March, and things to look forward to :)

Below: Yesterdays very late lunch when i got back to my apartment before having to spend my evening studying and doing group work.


  1. do you still eat meat?

    1. I dont buy it for myself unless i really crave it, but if i go out to eat or its offered i might eat it. But i prefer to eat vegan/vegetarian.

  2. Your food looks super yummy. May I ask what camera do you use?

    1. It was delicious, i use a Sony cybershot camera :)

  3. I know this may not be the most useful thing to say, but if you're having problems eating large meals maybe just having smaller, more calorific things would be better? If your whole plate is vegetables with a few pieces of "chicken" you're going to feel extremely full quite quickly but not actually get very much of your daily intake in :/ I'm sorry if this isn't what you wanted to hear, but I just care for you and hope you're doing okay xx

    1. Ohh dont worry i know, i mean its a big amount but not that much energy. But i do eat alot of nuts each day to get energy into me as things such as pasta and potatoes my stomach doesnt digest well and i dont like rice, so instead eating things like nuts and nut butters to get the right energy into me. :)

    2. have you tried different kinds of rice? they are not all the same :-)
      have a good day.

  4. I saw a tv programme on sugar addiction a while back, a group of celebrities were sent to live on a farm for two weeks and during that time they were allowed no sugar in their diets at all. It was interesting, before the first week was out all of them complained of flu - like symptoms and seemed to be really quite unwell, this was the effects of sugar withdrawal on the body. After they managed to get through that they all commented that they felt more alive and had more energy eating the whole food diet they were on. I like programmes like this, very interesting!
    Hope you have a good week!