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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Making the best of an average weekday


It feels so much like a Friday or Saturday evening right now, it is crazy. I actually wrote to a friend "have a good weekend" today. When she pointed out that it was only Tuesday i suddenly came back to reality!!

Today has been a super long day with a 6am wake up call, where i had to pack my things, get ready and buy some strong pain killers before heading to school. And the painkillers are working, they are also anti-flammatory so i think thats a positive thing as well. I can actually put my shoes on and take my shoes off without pain, also managed to sit through all my lectures, sit during the train ride and sit during the movie without pain. Though i know all i am doing is numbing the pain and that i amnt just magically better, even if i i wished i was!

Todays lectures went well and were interesting, got me thinking about alot of things... but also got me working on new assignments which i need to try to find the time for!!

Then after school i got on the train and headed back to Stockholm where i met my sister, bought a mixed sallad to eat quickly before the cinema and then we watched the movie How to be single. (And yes of course i munched on cinema snacks... how can people go to the cinema and not have something to eat?!!) What was my opinion of the movie? I mean i wouldnt recommend it, but some parts were funny and i guess it did have some sort of message of "dont lose yourself in a relationship" or "dont spend your whole life wanting to be in a relationship", instead live your life and be ok with being single. So i mean that is a good message, but i think it was supposed to be more comedy rather than some sort of life message, hahaha.

Note, i actually got people asking me via snapchat when i posted that i was going to see that film, and wondered if i was single again, hahah. Im not ;)

Anyway, this evening i am sleeping at home and get to see my dog again! And tomorrow im going for lunch with my mum and then the CF clinic and then a long journey back to my apartment again! And preparing for 2 more days at Uni before i am back in Stockholm again. I didnt actually want to be back in Stockholm this weekend but i had somethings pop up in my Schedule so it will just be Friday evening until Saturday evening as i have a group project on Sunday.

Anyway too much writing, now i need to spend time with my family :)

I hope that you have all had a great day!! :) Make the best of each situation, no matter how tough it may be!


  1. Glad to hear you are getting some relief from your pain - even numbing is good!
    Hopefully the clinic will be able to refer you to a doctor who can help you. In the meantime enjoy your night at home!

    1. :) I think i have just stretched a muscle in my hip/back so using some cream on it and its helping, and also anti inflammatory medication!! SO its feeling much better now, feeling like a human being with normal movement again, haha! I guess having a strong body has helped and made the injury not last any longer/heal quicker, as well as plenty rest of course!

  2. Glad to hear that you're enjoying studies and living (I am guessing) is close to your University :)

    Take care, love x

    1. Oh yes i am :) Thank you!! I hope you have a lovely weekend!