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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Make today a "love yourself day"

As mentioned before, I'm not so much for Valentine's day... maybe because I'm not much of a romantic and valentines has never been a day that has made me feel bad when I was single. Instead, I saw valentines as more of a show myself some love (and of course show a little extra love and appreciation for my family and friends). But I think that you should make today a love yourself day.
Do things you enioy today. Eat your favourite food or meals. Do what YOU want to do and enjoy (or make time for something fun if you have other plans or need to work/study today). Take some time for yourself and compliment yourself, maybe buy yourself something nice or do something nice for yourself. Treat yourself like you would treat your best friend, be kind to yourself. Of course if you have a partner, do something nice together... show a little extra appreciation for them, but don't forget about the love for yourself either. Loving yourself is important as well :)

For me today, I'm going to workout which is something I love and then this evening I might buy myself some delicious food and make myself a nice dinner/evening snack and try to finish my studying by 7 and then Skype with my best friend in Ireland and watch some series, and try to sleep early!! Not anything different from usual days, but try feel more positive and loving about myself!!! And then start the new week in a great way!

So love yourself and others today!!!

How are you going to spend today? Any plans?  :)

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  1. My mom bought me a bunch of fancy teas as a Valentine's Gift :) I don't have a I find the day kind of pointless, but I'll make it a "love myself" day <3 I made waffles for brunch for my family. They were super yummy!!

    1. That is so sweet :) My mum actually bought me a gift for valentines day as well, which was unexpected as we dont usually do that, haha. Yummmm, waffles are the best :) I am going to have to buy some ingredients/waffle mix and make some wafffles as i found a waffle iron in the apartment!!

  2. We went out for a nice walk then came home and baked a coffee and walnut cake - with tia maria sponge and butter icing! not the conventional way to spend valentines but we enjoyed it!

    1. That sounds like a lovely day :) I think its all about doing things together and just enjoying the day alittle bit extra, and that cake sounds delcious :) I hope you enjoyed it!