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Friday, February 26, 2016

Maintaining recovery

I saw this picture yesterday:

And my first thought was, they obviously arent recovered. Because you know what, if you actually are recovered then its not so hard to maintain because you would never want to go back to being sick. Of course there may be small things you need to work with such as self esteem, body love etc, but you know that life is better recovered and you know that even if you dont love your body 100% at the moment, that you are working towards it and that a healthy body is better than a sick body.

If you are struggling to maintain being recovered, then i doubt that you actually are recovered.

From everyone i have talked to who has actually recovered, they have all said the same thing they would never go back. Recovery was worth it and so much better than being sick.

Having a healthy weight and being able to eat somewhat normal does not mean you are recovered, it is your mental state that is the indicator of health.  And if you are longing to lose weight all the time or go back to your sick body or sick habits, then you arent maintaining recovery because you werent recovered anyway. Of course you can be recovered and be living life free but then something knocks you back again and you begin wanting to be sick or wanting to go back to a sick body or mind, but thne that is a relapse and you are struggling to maintain being recovered because you are relapsing.

It is important to know that being recovered isnt just have a healthy weight and being able to eat somewhat normally. Being free and recovered is about your thoughts. Whether your  body, food and exercise take up all the space in your head or whether you think you are fat/overweight when you clearly arent or if you spend all your time thinking about weightloss, calories or burning calories, then you arent free from your eating disorder.

I think this is something which might be worth considering and realising that if you are struggling to maintain recovery, then maybe you arent recovered at all?


  1. Thank you so much for this post Izzy! It's so true that it's about your thoughts, not your weight. Xx

  2. I have found my thoughts and feelings change the further I progress. When I think back to how I was in October when I really began recovery properly I could never have imagined myself then as I am now. True, I still have a way to go but back then what I am doing now seemed insurmountable, but here I am doing it! Its amazing how the mind and thought process change as the body heals. It is definitely a process of the mind healing as well as the body.

  3. Great post! & I agree. :-)

  4. So important. It's a tough road but I believe you can get to a final destination and stay there.