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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Lots of different oreo flavours and new workout clothes

This Sunday has definitely not gone as planned.... at all.

I woke up feeling weird, and not my usual self. I felt too warm, too cold, hungry, not hungry. Motivated, unmotivated. Didnt know how to plan my day, what would be best and most time efficient... what was it i needed to get done and what was most important. Turns out that i pretty much disregarded what was most important today, but then again sometimes a day off from studies is important as well... even if i had one yesterday as well.

But anyway, it started with me walking to town as it was sunny and similar to spring weather today, but also to see how far off it was and it doesnt take long at all which is nice. My plans were to 1) Buy a valentines gift for my boyfriend (Which i did manage to do and even if it is cheesey, it is also something i think which might mean something rather than just.... here is a top that i hope fits XD), and also to buy some everyday clothes. But instead i ended up buying workout clothes and oreos... i couldnt help myself. I love trying new and limited edition items, so i had to buy the oreo flavours but also they were 50% off - hahah, that justifies me buying them :) And well, i am a sucker for workout clothes. But now ive spent my "extra" so no more shopping for me anyway!

Then it was home again where i tried the oreo cookies: Review:

The double stuff/heads or tails one were the best!! Super good.
Then the birthday cake ones... (Basically vanilla flavour with some sprinkles!)
Then the pumpkin pie ones.

And the other three - peanut butter, min and brownie batter i did not like at all.
Peanut butter - it was just too much, taste of fake peanut butter between two sweet cookies.
Mint oreo - if you like after eight you'll like them, but i dont actually like the combo of mint and chocolate, but i wanted to try them anyway.
Brownie batter - it was just too much, not good at all.

After that all i was craving was a proper lunch: So vegetables, chicken and falafels

My plan after that was to study chemistry, but the hours ticked by and i got nothing done, i just didnt want to try to study or even open my papers or books... and thats how my day continued. Drinking green tea, decaf coffee, random bits of cleaning, trying to focus on chemistry, not working and repeat. So finally i gave up and today is another study free day, apart from this evening when i have sat with calories and macros - having to register my 3 day intake where i have weighed and measure all my food apartment from lunch yesterday. And the results... well nothing shocking, but not eating as much as before anyway... different food now compared to at home, but its not something i wasnt already aware of anyway. Otherwise the macros and such i was pretty much already aware of... its strange how even if i dont count my calories or macros i know quite well how much i am eating - without actually thinking about it? Its hard to explain, because i just eat what i am craving... but i think i just know my body so well, so i know roughly how much it needs of each macronutrient. Anyway, so the first part of that is done.... then this week i need to fill in a paper and count out a whole bunch of things, then anonymously add my macros and percent to a group document which will then be analyzed later in the course - and i will have to write a report about my own intake. Dont have any guidelines or what to think about, but i guess writing about what we would recommend if someone else ate the way we did... or if we just looked at the numbers and percent, what would we recommend ourselves to change... something along those lines anyway. XD

For now i am going to heat up another food box of vegetables - my addiction at the moment, peas, sweet corn and paprika with some salt!! I love vegetables so much, but i also love things like oreos and chocolate... a balance of both is best ;);)

I hope you have all had a lovely Sunday and are ready for the new week :)

Do you have any plans or anything to look forward to in the new week? How have you spent your Sunday?


  1. Izzy you are looking so much thinner, are you sure that you are ok? you said that you arent eating enough, maybe you can eat more high calorie food or supplement drinks? you should be eating lots and you know that, i am worried about you, you look both tired and thin. make sure to take care of yourself.

    1. Dont worry I am fine :) I dont think im in need of supplement drinks, just need to maybe add more oatmeal and nut butter/nuts to my intake :) Priortize better!!

  2. I hope the rest of your day sorts out well. I’m starting to gain weight again so I’m feeling a little out of sorts in my body, but it is all worth it for recovery! Thank you for sharing your day today, Izzy. :)

    1. Thank you :) I hope you had a lovely weekend and have a lovely new week :) Good luck with gaining weight, eat all your favourite foods (and a balanced diet!) - thats teh best way to do it :) Gaining weight will make your body feel so much more energetic and stronger, and your mind willl feel more focused and energetic as well, so its all positives!! And disregard the bloating if that happens, it will pass :) Have a great week and eat lots of delicious food :)

  3. gain some weight girl, you're looking stickish

    1. Dont exaggerate ;) I dont weigh myself but i do know im not eating the same amount as before so im sure my body might have changed, but im not exactly spending time infront of the mirror seeing if i have, and im feeling fine at the moment. Bbut i do know i show increase my intake - eat more high calorie food - so that i eat the right energy amount!

  4. Hope you are ok, also think you should gain some weight.

    1. Im fine don't worry :) As i mentioned in my text... astudent budget doesnt really me allow me to eat the amount my body needs. :(

    2. Well that is not true.. :p

    3. I just need to priortize better! ;)

  5. I just hate days like that when you are all over the place and don`t really know what you want to do! Love your new workout clothes - and the Oreos, we`ve got a couple of the flavours here but I must say you do get unusual varieties there - never heard of the pumpkin spice.
    I think if we take the time to listen to our bodies it is a pretty accurate message about what our bodies need - post recovery ofcourse. right now I don`t rely on my bodies signals unless it fits in somewhere on my plan but I understand what you mean about knowing what your body wants. In the days of my monthlies I used to crave chocolate biscuits the day before and always gave in - made me feel heaps better! I wonder if those days will ever return?
    Stock up on your oatmeal, milk and things like canned beans - beans on toast and a glass of milk is cheap and nutritious and its standard student food where I come from anyway!
    Hope you have a more organised week, just put today down to experience, you obviously really needed a break :)
    Take care!