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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Listening to my body - 13/Feb 2016

Hello :)

At the moment it is 17.20 and i am completely exhausted. I have consumed far more than the recommended amount of caffeine today, but still no effect and if anything it just makes me more tired... which is never a good sign. Its the tiredness where when you sit down you feel yourself almost falling asleep because your mind just doesnt want to be awake. But i am going to fight through the tiredness and make my way to my friends house and then this evening spend the night at my boyfriends place... though as ill be there so late i wont see much of him anyway, haha.  Otherwise, i have been home 24 hours and my stomach is in knots, pain and very bloated.... Eating differently and a few foods which my body doesnt really like/digest and i am in pain :/ Kind of sucks as i have pretty much gone 2 weeks without any stomach pain or bloating, but thats life.... it will pass and its not the end of the world, of course it just makes everything alot more uncomfortable and when you have so much pain that you just want to lie in a ball on the bed, leaving the house really doesnt seem so appealing. But enough about that, there are worse things in life than stomach pain and digestion problems.

Today has been a very slow day where i have done the bare minimum it feels like. As mentioned above, just felt tired... mentally and physically. So i've done the bare minimum and only about 2,5 hours of studying before i decided that i needed an hour to just rest and browse social media and youtube before i had to get ready to leave. Of course, when you get in that comfortable position on the bed and you have found a series/youtube channel where you just want to watch all the videos then it makes it harder to leave the house as well, hahahah. So many reasons to not leave this evening and i want to listen to those reasons, but i know that i would regret if i dont go. The easy and comfortable thing would be to stay home but i know that is not the best option right now. Ive listened to my body today but now i need to listen to that reational part of my brain that says that leaving the house and meeting friends is a good idea, even if my body and the other part of my brain says no..... One of those internal batttles. Sometimes it feels like this is a daily battle in all honesty.

Anyway, i could write so much about that but i dont have the time.... as i should have taken the train that left 1 minute ago..... ^_^ hahaha... though there is no "official" time to arrive, so its ok if i am half an hour "late"..... Usually i am the person who is there 5 minutes early, but the days where i really dont want to leave then i keep postponing and procrastinating to the point where i have to leave, or i realise that its passed to much time and there is no point in leaving.... XD

Ii hope you have all had a great Saurday and enjoy Sunday and the rest of your weekend!


  1. Have an awesome weekend Izzy and as to stomach discomfort, I've found certainly peppermint can help. Xx

    1. Thank you :) I might have to buy some peppering tea and try it next time I get stomach pain (which hopefully won't be anytime soon!)

  2. Hope your evening went well after all and you feel better now. Perhaps you can let your mum know which foods you are avoiding so that next time you`re home she won`t buy them for when you are there? worth a try, is a shame to go through tummy pain when you don`t have to.
    Warm baths and a hot water bottle work wonders for me.

    1. Thank you :) Well its food they eat.... and for some reason i was like, "I should be fine eating them" as i had avoided them, but nope. So its more about self control for me... as i like the foods but my body doesnt. So i just need to remind myself that the stomach pain isnt worth it.