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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Learning to overcome the fear of liquid calories

Liquid calories are something that most people are told to avoid, that they are unecessary. But you know what, sometimes liquid calories is exactly what you need but also sometimes it is that extra delicious treat which is ok to enjoy!!

And wih liquid calories it is meant: Non diet sodas, juice, milk, different types of hot chocolate, lattes or frapicinnos, milkshakes, smoothies etc

While trying to gain weight it is often recommended to drink your calories and try to drink juice or milk to all your meals, but also making smoothies or milkshakes for snacks are dessert can be easier to keep down/drink and not feel too full.

I cant avoid the fact generally speaking when you are at a healthy weight it might not be necessary to drink 500ml coke everyday or 1l of juice or milk each day - unless that helps you to maintain your weight. But usually eating your food is better as it is more filling, but making your own smoothies and milkshakes are great snacks!

I can say for myself, it took a long time to actually be ok with drinking calories.... to even be able to drink a cafe latte or cappucino without thinking i was a failure because i wasnt drinking just black coffee. But you know what, those "extra" calories really dont do so much unless it is an everyday thing where you drink 3 cappucinnos everyday. But if now and again you drink a frappucino or you drink hot chocolate with whipped cream or you drink some cola while at a friends house, its ok. Those calories wont make any difference to your weight. The thing to learn is that it's ok.... that if you really want a certain drink, go for it.... and if you are someone who loves hot chocolate and maybe wants to drink it everyday thats ok as well. Or if you are going out with friends and you want to order an alcoholic drink or something other than diet soda that is ok as well, I dont promote alcohol or drinking but if you want to drink then the calories shouldnt be the thing holding you back. 

Think... others can drink liquid calories now and again and still maintain their weight, so why cant you? It is a fear to overcome and the only way you can overcome it is to face the fear. To order a nondiet soda or go to a cafe and order a drink which you really want to drink which isnt a calorie free drink.  Try and see what happens and realise that everything is ok. Every once in a while you should be able to enjoy some type of liquid calories guilt free... and if you dont like those types of things, thats ok as well... but calories shouldnt hold you back. It should be like or dislike that makes you not eat/drink certain food. For example i dont like regular soda (But ill drink it if its the only thing) but i do like cafe lattes at time and so ill order that sometimes instead of my regular black coffee. And i do like milkshakes and certain juices (i.e green juices/ smoothies) so i'll order those if i can and want it at the time.

Instead of seeing liquid calories as something "extra and bad", instead see it as that little extra deliciousness every once in a while. It doesnt have to be a daily thing, so every once in a while and if you crave something allow yourself to have it. Thats balance, being able to listen to your body and know that if you drink the milkshake now you most likely wont crave another one for a while.


  1. I drink Milk every day, nothing wrong with that :)

    1. Of course not :) it's all about balance. For some that works for others it doesn't.

  2. Thank you for this post, Izzy!!! Liquid Cals are a HUGE fear of mine, but I hope someday I'll be able to drink Hot Chocolate and milkshakes again just because I want to :)

  3. I get through lots of milk these days - strange when before recovery I hadn't touched it in years, didn't even drink tea so my dairy/calcium levels were practically non existent. making up for it now though - have hot milk before bed, extra on my breakfast cereal and drink it throughout the day too. It took a long time to reach this point of being able to do it, so have faith - one day you will drink that hot chocolate or have that milkshake - and when that happens you will feel awesome :)